Faith - No mistakes under the law of one

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I would love to start a discussion on faith, or in what I feel like are more universal terms, trusting in the flow of karma and the infinitely perfect design of the universe we find ourselves in.

As Ra said “there are no mistakes under the law of one”(12.24) - “ The Law is One. There are no mistakes”(14.34). These early quotes really stood out to me as a key idea that we can learn many lessons from.

I think of this often when I become critical of myself. I may feel like I am not serving others as I should or that I am falling short in some area in life. But this idea helps remind me that there is no “falling short”. We are all exactly where we should be and are learning the lessons that we need to learn at this time. Of course, it is up to us to live our lives the best we can, but this idea has alway provided me comfort; that even at our worst of times, in the big picture, you are right where you need to be :slight_smile:

Trusting this universal flow of everyday life has been extremely freeing for me. Everything that comes to us is an opportunity to learn and grow - it is something that was possibly set in motion by your higher self to help you along your path, or something you programmed for this incarnation, or even a seemingly random event. Taking this view has helped me view hardships, and success in a much different light.

I would love to hear others thoughts on this topic!!

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I totally agree that having faith that there are no mistakes is very helpful for accelerating the learning process. When we see that the consequences of our choices are just as they should be, we accept them as the learning tools they are as opposed to rejecting them as the incorrect consequences for our choices. And as we learn, we can begin to make more efficient choices for producing the consequences we seek.

Ra: I am Ra. There are two important points in this regard. Firstly, we may note the situation wherein an entity gets a road map which is poorly marked and in fact is quite incorrect. The entity sets out to its destination. It wishes only to reach the point of destination but, becoming confused by the faulty authority and not knowing the territory through which it drives, it becomes hopelessly lost.

Free will does not mean that there will be no circumstances when calculations will be awry. This is so in all aspects of the life experience. Although there are no mistakes, there are surprises.


A corollary to this is perhaps learning to see everyone as doing the best they can within each moment despite appearances. If someone could have done better, they would have done better. In this way, we can learn how to love everyone exactly where they are and letting go of judgment. But it is important to not lose the truth of the current limitations of others nor harms committed when we embrace others in love. For it is this truth that when properly mirrored empowers learning.

The entity which is given constant and unremitting approval by those surrounding it suffers from the loss of the mirroring effect of those which reflect truthfully rather than unquestioningly. This is not a suggestion to reinstate judgment but merely a suggestion for all those supporting instruments; that is, support, be harmonious, share in love, joy, and thanksgiving, but find love within truth, for each instrument benefits from this support more than from the total admiration which overcomes discrimination.


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Learning always include to make mistakes.

I would go a step ahead and say that to much people are too cautious and this sometimes leads to an extremely monotonous / fabless life without interesting opportunities for learning and experience.

Faith… accepting ones own perspective