Evolving to a New Understanding

Some of you may know me as Quincunx on Bring4th. That is a previous incarnation and so therefore I will not be referring to myself as such. I was on that platform to help me understand other self. I join you all now to help myself as well as the rest of me to better understand the inner workings of the infinite mind.

I have no idea if we are allowed to self-promote. If this is in violation then let me know and I will remove the link. I am currently studying the Cube of Space based on the Sefer Yetzirah. I will be exploring this more on Reddit than on here so if you are curious about what I am teach/learning of how the Cube works then feel free to see for yourself. I will create another thread under “Metaphysics and Spirituality” so that we may explore this topic further.

Thank You


Hello Cubed_Cross (formerly known as Quincunx). Happy to see you here!

Fascinating, I hope to share my findings on this topic as I have a few personal experiences in which to draw upon. The knowledge received through mystical means can be difficult to articulate in words, so work that others do to present theoretical models offers an entry way to discuss these ethereal topics.

Spamming and commercial promotion is moderated here, but the posting of personal research and creative projects for discussion is very welcome. Learning about the LOO and its infinite manifestations takes a group effort.

Thank you for posting further of your work in Spirituality & Metaphysics. When I get more time to focus I will sit with it to explore in more detail.


You are promoting knowledge that can be useful for other selfes.
At this time the cubed cross seems not to be an model/instrument that helps me, but maybe the time will come …