Energetic Synthesis/Ascension Glossary

How many of you are familiar with Energetic Synthesis/Ascension Glossary and Lisa Renee? How does this massive database of information resonate with you?


By resonate, do you mean positive or negative resonance?

For me personally, most of the content is very resonating although I interpret most of the information in terms of metaphor. It is at least certainly helpful to spark new ideas to explore and consider although it is important to read it with a discerning eye.

For example, here is their page about the Law of One: Law of One - Ascension Glossary

I’ve also found their psychic protection methods very helpful such as the 12D shield and unity vow.


I briefly looked into this a while ago, but I think I found it difficult to understand her, perhaps there were too many terms that I didn’t grasp. I listened to some of her audio and it was cool though.

Does everything she say make sense for you?

I think I also noticed her mention Corey Goode, who isn’t a trust worthy source for me, so that might have been a factor in me losing interest.

Corey goode is a very good agent for my side and missions

Most of what she says resonates with me. It is a bit overwhelming at first because there are many new words and concepts to digest. Allegedly she was was “biologically upgraded to be downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension through the Law of One and its dynamics upon the blueprint layers of energy fields.”

I’m not familiar with Corey’s work.

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I also find these teachings useful.

So you are Luciferian? You mentioned in another post that “Heyl-el’s energy also belongs to me.”

Why are you on a STO community forum if you are STS? Is this part of your mission?

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No. As a spoiler alert, all spirit matter and energy belongs to me. I am either one or not so to speak.

Not something you need to know at this time. Thus the questions are not accurate premises.

Are you going to answer my question james or just throw out ur mortal presumptions about what u dont know and dont want to know

Terms like sto and sts are what are known as separation thinking. Aka duality or shadow soul fragmentation.

It is more like a religious title than something concrete like a skill or virtue. People have skills and virtues. This can be confirmed. Physically. There is no way to determine the validity of a religious title like sto or sts. Gary and austin refused to see my pov about it and thus they had to face their own personal catalyst challenges instead. Aka life got hardwr for em

Mortal egos and spiritual egos use the terms sto and sts much like they did with pro wax and anti wax in 2021

“all spirit matter and energy belongs to me. “

Thanks for clarifying your path.

This is a forum for those selves interested in raising the vibration of the other selves around them. We are striving to learn to Love our other selves.

“Terms like sto and sts are what are known as separation thinking.”

This is a Law of One forum so we use terminology given to us by the contact Ra.
Everyone is in different places on their spiritual path and it is helpful to have a way to communicate(STO,STS, etc terminology)to each other in regards to that path.

If you are not polarizing Service to Others why are you here?

Love and Light to You Ymarsakar


“Resonate” meaning agree with.

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I do not appreciatw ur energy projections.

I doubt i clarified anything.

So no, u do not get it. But that is no longer my problem.

Retreading the path of gary and austin is not on my quest log. Thus i am not interested.

The things u fight the most are the ones closest to ur shadow. What one fights the most, persists, and is sustained the most Thus resonate negative is stronger than resonate positive. But if only agreement is sought and not the invisivle shadow, much is lost.

An Imposter Spirit is the Luciferian Spirit which promotes false light authority and anti-life architecture through deception, lies of omission, and manipulation.
Consistently, their modus operandi for divide and conquer of the earth has demonstrated ruthless psychological warfare that includes perpetuating falsity, deception and gaslighting techniques for their own agendas designed for enslaving other species. They seek full domination and power, which is their most important value system and highest belief system, to which they remain loyal as Service to Self.


Interesting… Reminds me of a movie quote… “only Sith think in absolutes”, now I understand why Ra mentioned the 51% alignment for STO harvest. We can be both, not necessarily half. And the rarity of beings nearing 100% of either. 99%STO, implies 1%STS. This explains why thoughts, actions, and feelings may not always be in alignment.

Eventually there is no sto or sts, there is only one.

From this thread, much have I learned. I am grateful.

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The True Story of the Sith - Charles Eisenstein Good star wars reference. Here is the tie in with shadow work and spiritual cultivation/chakra balancing.

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