Did the forum die already?

It feels like the interest in these boards died after @Louise left as moderator. Where did everyone go? What happened to @Jeremy, he talked with people via video chat and then never talked to them again, or was that just me? I have no idea what kind of vibe these boards are trying to give out, but for now they seem like they are not a priority to anyone, yet there was such a big deal made about how they were ran. This is extremely confusing and gives off such mixed messages.

I respect honestly. I am tired of people dancing around the truth in all aspects of life.

What happened here? I have no idea but I am wondering if I should move on too since everyone else has.


Ra, from 13.13

It shall be understood that any portion, no matter how small, of any density or illusory pattern contains, as in an holographic picture, the One Creator which is infinity. Thus all begins and ends in mystery.

Hey @anon58905096. At least for my part, I have been swung into a short period where more material and practical concerns have taken over my focus. Things like putting IKEA furniture together and squeezing medical, etc. appointments in my days in order to get on top of things fill my mind. For some reason, the various rays concerns seem so delineated in time for me, like I haven’t managed to integrate them all in a day. I wonder if anyone else experiences something similar. Perhaps something for me to work on.

Either way, I am still present and still think that the contributions of late have been great regardless.

There was really no intention on my part, and from what I could tell from Jeremy, that our focus would be on gaining numbers and raising activity levels. But I get the point that you can’t have a forum without activity, so I’m definitely not against others working towards increasing those metrics in their own ways, or engaging in that kind of promotion myself, if it was a community desire.

I never had a set vision for this forum, it was more to create a space that had been taken away with the closing of Bring4th. I told Jeremy that I would look to those most invested in the forum and take their lead as to what they thought would be beneficial. The wheels were set in motion before L/L Research announced that they would offer an alternative forum to Bring4th. With that announcement, the offering of this space became less pressing. However, with the strict focus of discussion topics on the new Bring4th, I had decided to still carry on with opening this forum.

And actually there was still discussion had here after the closing of Bring4th that I thought was beneficial and productive to the processing of the various recent events. To have no way of doing that, I consider pretty unfortunate, and a form of censorship that feels oppressive to me. And yet there were no flame wars or rage fuelled ranting. This community didn’t really require moderation (apart from some administrative tasks) as tends to be with a group of emotionally intelligent and capable seekers, that are likely to be more proficient at resolving their own disputes than needing to rely on a third-party.

So, from what I gathered, with the circumstance of no longer having a set person moderating, I believe Jeremy took it as the opportunity it was to reimagine what this place could be. h
His approach is more direct as mine, as I tend to just go with the flow and see how things play out.

To be clear, I’m not totally against letting this place go if there is no real need or desire for it. I try to practice non-attachment in my life, and this attitude is an offshoot of that. For instance, even though I am very attached to my daughters now as they are infants, my love for them also dictates that I also foster their independence. I get such joy seeing my daughter have meaningful connections with extended family members, and a special kind of joy when she plays with children her own age (not just parallel play) which she is just starting to do as a 2.5 year old.

However I would be sad to see the connections and conversations that have started here go away. I know I will circle back in time once all my pressing life duties have been attended to. Conversation thread topics found here are timeless, and can be revisited time and time again, only being enriched and deepened with our regular life experiences and stories. I think that is the beauty of the non-transient. There is no rush really.

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That was just you. I’ve been meaning to follow up and time has gotten away from me. I apologize. But our chat had nothing to do with this forum; it was about the working group.

I can’t speak to why the forum does x or y. If it dies, it dies. It’s all an experiment anyway and we’re in a transition period. I would welcome help from you or anybody else who is interested in building bottom up spiritual community.


Can you give me more specifics about this? I thought we started off as a pretty vanilla forum with a moderator and categories. What was the big deal we made about it? I really don’t know what you’re referring to.

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If there is just one person present, that is helpful for/to me… Thank you, to all that are here, I am grateful.


Okay then, when our video chat concluded, you told me to keep posting on the boards until you got back to me about the group (which to me implies they are connected) and you’d get back to me if I had any questions or comments. I sent you a very long email the same day and never heard a word for a month. I felt like I “failed” my video chat. Even Gary sent me a reply email from L/L in less time and everyone was telling me I wouldn’t even get a response from him. I’m just saying, for a group that was supposed to be different than Bring4th, it doesn’t seem to be in this regard.

I have been looking out for the forum since I joined, that is how I noticed how everyone had seemed to have moved on, or had a lot going on in their lives. I was trying to keep the forum alive by starting threads and keeping old ones alive, trying to discuss interesting topics and respond to the ones that have been started by others. I have talked with several members personally and am always trying to connect, bond, and learn from my experiences with other selves. The help has already been given. :woman_shrugging:

Regarding @Louise , I am aware of your why you had to pull back from moderation from our personal messages to each other. I understand deeply what you are going through as my child is a lot right now behaviourally. I have been walking around like a zombie spacing out endlessly because I have been burnt out completely on how much it takes to keep life functioning. We are living our lives without any family or friend support so it’s been very tiring.

I feel this way too. I am here to be of service, and one is enough. I just was trying to understand what was going on.

Q’uo - March 16, 1997
When one seeks to serve others one has chosen the most subtle of activities. Certainly there is never any harm in perceiving an entity in need, of offering aid in a general sense, of suggesting that you are there for that person. Certainly when one is asked to be of service in this and that way one may respond to one’s fullest for this is the green light that says, “Please impose your values. Express your feelings to me. I will listen because I am seeking.” Seldom is service that simple. Often it is a matter of dropping seeds. A smile is a seed. An open book that says on the front, prayer, or meditation, that is a seed. Those who come into your environment see what you are reading and something in them is refreshed, for are we all not one? An open hand. A kind word. The commonplaces of ordinary life. These are riches indeed and within them lie all the service imaginable, for as you speak to one and to another in the normal run of things you speak to all. Release the concept of numbers. It does not matter how many perceive that which you offer. One is enough. One is a bounty. For that one is the Creator. Each entity is a holograph of all that there is. There is no loss. There is no way to be lost. You are in the creation.

There was a whole thread that went on forever where the original issues from Bring4th were being brought over to these boards, so there was a lot of talk about making sure those things did not repeat themselves. From my perspective, it felt like the same energy came crashing down here that did the same thing there. It didn’t linger, but when it left, the passion seemed to leak out with it. I don’t know how else to explain it. There was an energy shift that I could feel.

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Perhaps it will turn out to be a simple oscillating pattern of activity-rest-activity-rest?


That I understand. Patterns make sense to me. If that is what it is happening, I can respect that.

For me, I have very little free time/energy, so where I chose to put that energy is important to me. If people just need some down time, I can understand that completely. But if I am putting that time and energy into something that even the people who created it feel indifferent about whether it lasts or not, I wonder if maybe I should put my focus somewhere else instead.

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I understand that, plus the inclination to focus energy where I feel it wants to go. And, sometimes, a more accepting, feminine approach works well, such as slackening the reins and allowing the horse to choose its own direction of travel for some period of what we call time.


I’m here in this little corner of the forum (and creation). been studying LO1 and meditating quietly, and attending to 3D stuff.

I plan on sticking around for a while, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: often, I read posts and then think about them, not responding immediately.


I’m sorry I’ve let you down, @anon58905096. I’ll understand if you move on.

Frankly, this forum was not something I would have set up if it were up to me. Now that it exists, I’d like to put it to good use. But I do have a certain indifference to this forum because I’m not attached to it “succeeding” according to some ideal you or I might hold — except to the extent that we can build something new together.

I’ve appreciated your participation here but I don’t quite know where these feelings are coming from — other than me not following up with you promptly. Don’t blame the forum for that — just blame me.

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Please don’t hold me to account for points others made. If I said something that misled you, I apologize. But I’m not sure what that would have been.

And I’d like to make a point here for everybody to pay attention to: this forum’s energy is everybody’s responsibility. This isn’t something I can change substantially. We are in a collective project here. This place is what you make it, not a finished product handed down from above.

If there are any other issues you feel you need to work out publicly with me, I’ll be here, but I’ve reached out privately to address your personal dissatisfaction with me. We can go either road. Again: I’m sorry I haven’t given you the service you wanted. Let’s see if we can get your unmet needs met.

Edit: don’t post here to do me a favor. Post here because you enjoy it and stop when you don’t. Thanks for your help but feel free to move on if it becomes a chore.

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I post here because I am passionate about connecting with others. I never feel obligated to do anything. You misjudged my post entirely.

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Oh my bad @anon58905096! Sorry, carry on then. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I try to answer with my point of view.

What I experience here is part of holding my breath as already mentioned.

On the other hand has happened what i did expect - after closing of the forum of bring4th the users are spreaded over multiple forums and so the community did break apart.
As always there are only less users that participate active on discussions and many of the more then thousand users of bring4th did not register again here or on another forum.
Here are at this time only 37 users and so there cannot be so much discussion. Less people - less ideas and opinions.

The times are difficult - everything needs more time anyway and the energies of the third density are fading significantly.
Be patient and give more time …


Perhaps the disbanding of B4 is precisely what needs to happen. All is indeed well with this community(ies).

This post reminds me to check in on the vanishing 3D post.


Every coin has two sides. We will see …

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I think if it happened, it was supposed to happen. I know that sounds vague, but it did exactly what it needed to do for specific growth to occur. That growth is currently unfolding in each moment.


What do you see and feel growing?

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