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I got a preview of this. Breaking Dawn novel.

A story about the post collapse. One group took the banksters offer of immunity and basic needs taken care of. They have no liberties. Another group is on the frontier, using crypto chains, and with a lot of freedom.

The offer was very simple. In return for dissolving all your DEBTS, you will forfeit your right to own anything.

Those that refused this deal, got pushed outside of the cities and domains. They tended to be the survivalists and farmers, those who didn’t need cities to live. Nor had large debt nor did they take the amnesty offer of debt free.

This race of truth is still ongoing.

Who is really in debt for what?
The so-called public debt is a debt of the given juristical persons to the creditors - the man and women that are alive.
When this truth is recognized all debt instantly dissolves and the fiction unveils its face.

Coronavirus - Part 1 - The Light Perspective Here are a few info sites I recommend reading for a more contextual understanding of current events.

"Z: Well… 2012 has come and gone (it’s January 2013 as I write this) and I thought this was going to happen in 2012. I mean… it wasn’t exactly PROMISED that it would happen before now, but with all the hype around December 2012… I had hoped just a little bit that it would happen then. So I suppose I am wondering if this is still going to happen. And if so… when?

8: There are many different answers to your question because the answer depends entirely on who you are creating yourself to be. Your perspective is everything. Where you stand, you see, determines what vista will be before you.

You held a particular perspective when you wrote that chapter… that is why the chapter came out exactly as it did. It wasn’t at all wrong, it was the response to your question when you held the perspective you did at that time. So now we are going to look at this question again. But before we do I want you to tell me… what perspective are you now willing to take? Who are you, right now, willing to create yourself to be?

Z: Okay, I’ll play. Here is who I am creating myself to be right now: I am a spark of eternal, divine Light who has chosen to express itself as Delight the Interventionist, a child of Joy-Divine, who is currently, momentarily, experiencing incarnation as a human being on Planet Earth with the self-chosen label of “Zingdad”. How’s that?

8: I like it. Now tell me… is Delight the Interventionist a powerful creator-being or a victim to his experiences?

Z: A creator-being, of course. I am becoming more and more aware, as I wake up and discover who I really am, that I actually do create my experiences with my deepest beliefs and choices.

8: So do you wait for someone else to give to you the things you seek, or do you create them?

Z: The latter. I guess that is what being a creator being means: you create, right?

8: Right. And so my beloved friend, you need to take a moment and see that you created a small paradox for yourself in Chapter 7.

The Singularity Event, which is an experience of that which is most real and true… an experience of The Oneness… cannot be given to you from outside of yourself. It can not come, like a Santa Clause in the night and leave presents for you depending upon whether you have been naughty or nice. Because something as inherently TRUE as a direct experience of The Oneness of All cannot begin with you being a child-like victim awaiting gifts from some outside agency."

Welcome to the Singularity events, humans. Pretty cool right?

"The topic of today’s conversation, it may surprise you, is NOT the Corona virus! The topic of today’s conversation is your enlightenment. Now, you might be a little surprised to hear this because the heading of this video is, “Corona Virus”. We’re not endeavouring to mislead you. It is simply so that the planet is abuzz with conversation about the Corona virus and Zingdad approached me and said, “Adamu, we need to do something about the Corona virus. Everyone wants to know: has the sky fallen on our heads? Is the world coming to an end? Is civilisation as we’ve known it grinding to a halt? The Corona virus is here!” So, it was necessary for us to respond; for us to speak.

But, my friends, the Corona virus is really just the trigger; it’s just what’s going on, on the surface of your world right now. Yes, it’s top-of-mind right now, but, in a few years time, the Corona virus will be boring, old news. Nobody will want to speak of it. But, your divine awakening, your enlightenment, your ascension will be, really, the most important topic of all. As it always has been.

Right now, you are in a crucial stage of your planetary evolution. Right now, The Event is busy being triggered. Just to catch you up: The Event is the moment when the timeline that you are all collectively on, fragments. When you go away on separate timelines, you will find yourself on the timeline that is resonant with your own vibratory frequency. Right now, you are busy choosing. And, because you are busy choosing, you are busy creating your timeline, this is a time of extraordinary events. This is a time of miracles and magic. A time of wonder. You’re very powerfully being invited to use your divine creative abilities to focus on fearful, disastrous outcomes. You’re being invited to think small. To be scared. And, if you accept this invitation, you will find yourself on an other-responsible timeline and life will continue, in broad measures, as it always has been: you, being a victim, needing powerful, external others, masters, leaders, to tell you what to do, and you just doing what you’re told. You can transcend this. You can find yourself on the self-responsible timeline. More powerful, more centred in yourself, finding yourself being more of an equal with those around you, creating your reality. Or indeed, you can transcend all the way to a Unity-conscious timeline, where you are aware of the divinity within and you will be a divine being, walking the world amongst divine beings. An angel amongst angels, so to speak.

So, the Corona virus is really just a trigger. My friends, it’s a virus. You are inhabiting, right now, a human body. A human body that is gifted to you after hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary biology. This virus is new to your body and so, as a result, it has some risks, it has some dangers. But the human body has faced risks like this countless times. Every single virus that you know of: cold viruses, flu viruses, every single virus that you know of, was, at one time, new to the human body. At one point it was novel. At one point it posed the same kind of risk. The human race survives.

So, what to do about the Corona virus is, perhaps, worth a brief conversation. At a minimum, take the other-responsible approach, which is, listen to what you are told by those who know a little bit about the subject. You know the drill: sanitise your hands, consider a mask under certain circumstances, consider eye protection under certain circumstances, and keep social distancing. When appropriate, self-isolate. These are the measures that you can be taught, that you can apply in a rules-based way. You can do these things to limit your chances of being infected. You cannot completely eliminate your chance of being infected without being a complete hermit, which, for a human being, a social being, is very difficult to do. So, the probability is that you, and those that you know, will eventually get this virus. Which means that these other-responsible techniques are really about protecting society. It’s about slowing the transmission so that society can cope with the disease.

The self-responsible path builds upon that. It takes you to the next level, where you take responsibility for yourself. Society will respond to take care of itself. You need to take care of yourself. How do you do this? You need to be in right relationship with your form, with your human body. You need to love your human body. You need to understand that your body has magnificent intelligence. Your body is wise, it is a teacher, if you are but able to pay attention, to listen. Respect your body, engage your body in a dance. If you are, then your body is strong, it is healthy, it is essentially happy. If you have a strong, healthy, happy body and it gets infected with this virus, you’ll sail through. Yes, you’ll probably have a cough. Yes, you’ll probably have a bit of a fever. You’ve had coughs and fevers before. You’ll come out the other end and you’ll smile. You’ll say, “I survived the Corona virus!” Because your body is strong."-Adamu

So… elections. This is not normally a topic that I would wish to address with you. We, as the Pleiadian collective, are not normally particularly interested in the political theatre that occurs here on planet earth, because normally you are being presented with a collection of choices that are always still just fronts for the global elite, the dark cabal, the Illuminati… whatever we are calling them. Well, as of now, I find I am choosing to call them the “Delete”, the “Dark Elite”, busy being erased from this position of de facto leadership of the planet. Busy losing that status. Therefore, the “Delete”.

The elections now, in the United States, are interesting, in that this is something more than the usual political theatre. This is actually a battle, a litmus test, I suppose one could say, in the battle between two levels of consciousness. On the one hand we have the “Delete” and their deep desire to put a cap on the elevation of consciousness. To disallow humanity from rising from third density to much beyond fourth. The fourth density of consciousness is the density of other-responsibility. At the fourth density of consciousness you are willing to place an other on a pedestal and to say, “You lead me, you teach me, you tell me what to do.” And the “Delete” offer you idols to place on those pedestals, in the form of all of their useful tools. In the form of press, the figures of authority that appear on the news. In the form of their politicians and they make a business of possessing politicians, of buying them in a variety of ways, of controlling them, of manipulating them. Entertainment… they make a business of making sure that entertainment fits within their agenda and that the stars that you worship, your stars of entertainment, are also agents under their control. Are also possessed. And it goes deeper than that. They have been working for quite some time now to make sure that they are in control of educators, of scientists, and as always, pastors and popes, religious authorities, wherever they can, they strive to take ownership and possess and control, through a network of manipulation and control, anybody who might be seen to be somebody who would be an authority.

And so they block your consciousness from rising above other-responsibility and then they tell you who you must give your responsibility, your authority, to. And you do. And so you are led like lambs to the slaughter. You are taught and trained and controlled and manipulated. And a substantial section of human population continues to be manipulated and controlled in this way. Their consciousness continues to be held at that level, fourth density and lower, other-responsibility and lower. But the awakening that is occurring through a variety of agencies, starseeds, light bringers, beings of higher consciousness incarnating here, iteratively, going through the pain of the shattering and now, at this time awakening, now at this time bringing new light into the human noösphere, helping you to awaken above 4D, to 5D and above, which is the consciousness of self-responsibility. And above 6D is unity consciousness. But, already at the level of self-responsibility, you look to your own authority. You look to your connection to the Divine that you find within yourself. And if you find the connection to the Divine within yourself, you’re very unlikely to place others on pedestals. You’re very unlikely to simply follow like a sheep. You become self-motivated. You know who you are. You know what’s true for you and when you see these talking heads on television, these authority figures, you listen to what they say and you start to see through the lies. You start to look more broadly for your sources of information. You start to find alternative streams of information and you have your own filter in place. You say, “This is true and that is not. I’ll go with this and that doesn’t resonate for me.” Self-responsibility dawns.

And what’s happening right now in America… I say it’s a litmus test of the battle between these two types of consciousness because the other-responsible are clearly playing the game according to the “Delete’s” wishes. They’re engaged in all kinds of dirty tricks. In all kinds of voter fraud. Creating maximum pain and chaos. Really promoting a story in your collective consciousness that everything is going to hell and that you need to get back on the bandwagon. You need to again begin to follow the leadership that is being offered to you, that the “Delete” support, or else life will become completely untenable. -2020 elections

This wouldn’t be public debt so much as home loans and credit card debt.

Everything in the world is only fiction (with FIAT money).

Every state is in reorganization bankruptcy and no debt can be paid back since the House Joint Resolution 192 (HJR 192) from 1933. Therefore any pay can only be pushed into the future and only the interest for this credit is payed currently to the banks.

This has been continued with the Chicago Plan Revisited.

The people have to understand this principle and there is a healing for it within the system called Accept for value.

A nice picture found in this article.

MetaMask starts tracking user IPs

ConsenSys has revised the privacy policy of MetaMask, a popular self-custody wallet with over 21 million monthly active users. The updated version states that MetaMask will start collecting Ethereum wallet addresses and IP addresses during on-chain transactions.

ConsenSys said that the data collected might be disclosed to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer requirements, or to affiliates, as part of business deals.

Cause the banks went inti crypto some time ago. Nov 2021 was it.

valuable to read…

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Chinese people in Wuhan begin to move:

In Brazil there is still a general strike.

I remember a video quote of Noah Yuval Hubris (Harari),
“What do do with all the useless people… drugs and computer games…”

I think I will go outside and put some seedlings that just sprouted into the earth… I might gather a little mulch from the forest. See if I can help them along a little.

Actual is violence and demonstration of power increasing:

The Chinese communist regime has sent now tanks to Xuzhou to put down democracy protests.

In Canada the horse mounted police literally trample demonstrators.