Development of an Social Credit System

It makes sense to bundle the informations of the implementation of a social credit system on the planet in one topic.

The source of the model in China:

Preparation for the western countries:

Preparation for impoverishment and change of food supply:

Aldi considers selling edible INSECTS to help families through the cost-of-living crisis | Daily Mail Online

Aldi considers selling edible INSECTS to help families through the cost-of-living crisis

  • Aldi is considering introducing a line of edible insect recipe kits in its UK stores
  • The cost of Living Crisis has prompted the supermarket to look at new foods
  • Channel 4 running ‘Aldi’s Next Big Thing’ which will hear from bug farmers
  • Aaron Thomas and Leo Taylor hope their ‘Yum Bug’ products will be successful
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Concentration of the people in mega-cities with perfect control:

Drone footage shows construction of mega-city “The Line”
The city in Saudi Arabia is to be 170 km long and 500 meters high, with space for 9 million people.

Saudi Arabia has begun construction of the futuristic mega-city “The Line.” The project, announced in 2021, was unveiled by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman in July. In the meantime, construction of the giant city has begun. A drone image from the company Ot Sky shows the enormous scale of the construction work.

The planned city of Neom including The Line, is scheduled for completion until 2030.

That fits perfect to the Agenda 2030.

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“There is nothing in the desert, and no man needs nothing”

The perfect decoupling from nature living in an own biosphere.
An excellent place for the implementation of an social scoring.


Paying reparations to whom?

Now the government is asking people to apply for plastic My Number cards equipped with microchips and photos, to be linked to drivers licenses and the public health insurance plans. Health insurance cards now in use, which lack photos, will be discontinued in late 2024. People will be required to use My Number cards instead.

But the reluctance to go digital extends beyond the health care system. After numerous scandals over leaks and other mistakes, many Japanese distrust the government’s handling of data. They’re also wary about government overreach, partly a legacy of authoritarian regimes before and during World War II.

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Niger launches WURI project to issue biometric ID for regional trade and public services

A change in diet is part of the Agenda 2030:

An initiative of the Federal Ministry for Research and Education

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Surely you have already found a jellyfish on the on the beach. The animals are often
washed up by the waves. As small heaps they are lying in the sand, almost transparent and
transparent and quite slimy.
Let’s be honest:
Can you imagine that some people eat people eat jellyfish?
In China, they are considered a delicacy: Many Chinese think that jellyfish taste great.
And Jamileh Javidpour thinks that we in we in Europe should also eat the flabby animals in future.

  • Food from the laboratory
  • Food from the printer

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How will we shop in a few years? And what? Researchers and companies are working on products that protect our environment - for example, because they require less energy to manufacture or use different materials. We present a few of them here.

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Researchers have invented a tiny tool that allows them to modify the genetic material of humans, animals and plants. They hope to cure diseases and help farmers improve their harvests. How? The best way to find out is to try the genetic scissors yourself.

Maybe Fake - maybe not.

FAQ - Questions about the Financial Reset & CSRQ-SM software - Oculum Labs

What is the Financial Reset?

It is a restructuring of the world’s financial system. It will transition the world from a multi-currency capitalistic system to a one-currency centrally controlled system.

When will it happen?

Between four to six months from now and no later than 2024. It appears the timetable to initiate it has been moved up, and we expect it to happen sooner rather than later.

Can it be prevented?

It is unlikely. The CSRQ-SM software and USDR currency system is now nearly completed, and will be brought online once the financial collapse occurs. The public is essentially powerless to stop the coming coordinated events unless a mass awakening takes place.

What does the CSRQ-SM software do?

It manages both social credit scoring and banking transactions. More information can be found here, Gideon’s story and Gideon’s interview. Facts about CSRQ-SM’s class system can be found here. Bill’s Daily Intel Drop’s also provide critical information, and we recommend reading each entry. It may be helpful to open each link into a new browser window and read through them, one by one.

What is the “class” system in the CSRQ-SM software?

There are four classes, Common, Restricted and Quarantined – and Sovereign.

The first three comprise 99% of humanity. They will all have strict limits on the assets you may own and require mandatory vaccination. They will all have a social and carbon credit score, and all will receive heavy penalties and fines for behaviour that is not approved. The system is similar to China’s social credit scoring system, but more robust and stringent.

The Sovereign class comprises less than 1% of humanity. It is a hidden class, and highly classified. It will never be disclosed to the public. Sovereigns do not have any restrictions of any kind, and they are not required to receive vaccinations of any kind. They do not have social or carbon scores they must adhere to.

Who is behind this software and the Financial Reset?

The World Economic Forum, the IMF, the BIS, numerous central banks and countless leaders and nations.

Various groups, from Freemasons, Jesuits, Jewish mystics and so-called Illuminati secret societies are also involved in varying capacities. They are controlled by a larger group whose name is not allowed to be published on the Internet without immediate censorship; as a result, little information is known about it.

Will every nation on Earth use it?

Nearly all nations will use it, with some exceptions. It appears North Korea and some African nations will not initially use the system, but documentation shows they will eventually join it.

Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba and a few island nations in the Pacific Ocean are shown as having infrastructure issues in terms of integrating the system and this is being worked on.

What will happen to my assets?

They will be seized and/or they will simply no longer exist. As there will be only one currency, USDR (which may be re-named; XDR & SDR are possibilities), if you are not able to transition your assets into the new currency, they will cease to exist.

Private property will be seized. Gold and silver will exist, but will be priced in USDR. If you are a Class C, R or Q citizen, you will not be allowed to trade it or own it, therefore its worth for those classes will be irrelevant. Bartering will be banned, and stiff penalties will be put in place for those who engage in it.

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This seems to be part of the reduction of life resources and exploding costs:


Along the meandering jet stream there are massive temperature fluctuations of -16° on one side and + 13° C on the other side. Among the jet courses, these massive temperature fluctuations create extrreme weather conditions that can locally trigger epic weather aberrations and produce rapid swings from autumn-summer to snow, which can occur especially at the boundary lines of the jet courses!


In a 2016 presentation called “A Blueprint for Digital Identity”, the World Economic Forum defined the term “identity” in the following way:

Identity […] is a collection of individual attributes that describe an entity and determine the transactions in which that entity can participate.

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Klaus Schwab Full Speech at G20 / B20 Indonesia 2022

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