Controlling us for our own good

Generally, the top of the social hierarchy believe that humans are essentially sheep to be shepherded, or children in need of parenting. That most people are too stupid and immature. That we need to be controlled, we need to be confused, need to not know truth, for our own good.

Does that mindset make sense?

Do you think that all the situations on Earth’s have worked out for the best, despite the challenges we face?

I was wondering why they push so many false concepts on children, for instance Dinosaurs, outer space, and so on. Then I realized, perhaps it’s kind of genius, it’s like a comfortable baby version of the truth, a version that our egos can handle.

We don’t yet have the capacity to have harmonious relationships with our own species, so concepts like dinosaurs, can introduce us to the idea of larger reptilian species, that safely existed in the past. But they’re not framed as humanoid, as that would still be too scary for us to cope with at this stage. Sometimes there’s friendly talking dinosaurs in cartoons too, which might help open us to the idea that we can get along with alien species.

Likewise with space. NASA’s illusions help to gently open peoples minds to a larger universe, in a safe materialistic way. Expanding young minds to some larger bigger picture situations than just their little melodramas on Earth.

And the list goes on, like germ theory being a gentler/simpler materalistic understanding of larger spiritual concepts, like energy, beliefs, thoughtforms, parasites, entities. It’s easier for us to just say “oh I caught a cold”, when we’re not ready to take responsibility for our actions.

Cutting us off from understanding the basic principles of magic, destroying and hiding information about supernatural phenomena, obscuring our magical history, has that not worked out for the best since we are so underdeveloped? Our emotions swing wildly, people can go from happy to suddenly violently angry. Perhaps if they had access and knowledge of magic, that would not be appropriate, like giving kids the keys to the car?

Overall I think everyone involved in Earth’s illusions has done a fantastic job, everything here seems to be working brilliantly. Despite the large amount of lies and confusion, we still have access to truth within our selves, and the many helpful resources in our spiritual texts and communities.


It has led us here as a community, that is a good thing, and I am grateful.

The looking glass/yellow box said something like, of all possible possibilities there is only one path, all possible outcomes converge to a single path no matter the change in cause and effect. It is also the one path the ‘controllers’ are trying so desperately to avoid. They can’t get it right, we can’t get it wrong…


How do we know they are at the top of the social hierarchy?

It is somewhat strange for me to know the answer of what causes that, because I wait for somebody else to figure it out, and so far, no dice. This is a critical easter egg that people should find out for themselves and experience it for themselves. BEcause it is fun.

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the cause of “path convergence” are you referring to?

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Yes, aka the optimum time line, steins;gate.