Contrast for links

The contrast for links is very subtle, maybe more contrast would be helpful.

This is an example.

Yeah, you’re right, I’ll put that on the list. Hopefully there is a setting for it somewhere.

Hihi - you did not see that “links” was already an link

Nope, that ain’t good. But it is dark where I am now. I will need to sleep soon.

Yes - the time difference is really big.
Here the sun is shining and it is a good time for cake and coffee.

you mean :coffee: :birthday: ? hehe, love the smilie selection here

Just look here:

(Ban time of 24 hours is over and it is possible to post again :upside_down_face:)

Thanks tadeus, the hyperlink colour issue can only be done by making changes in the template. Last time I tried to input CSS I broke something, haha. But we’ll figure it out some time soon.

You were banned?

Yes - this is an feature of discourse to avoid spamming.
Tester are always spamming to much posts. :grinning:

Have you noticed a difference in the link color now?

Sure have! Thanks muchly

Yes - now the links can be seen clearly - that’s much better. Thank you.