Hello my friends! You made a great choice of software platform by the way. :wink: I love Discourse. Just wanted to congratulate you guys for taking the pole in hosting this new spiritual discussion boards. :green_heart:


Hello Patrick! Great to see you over here checking the place out. :grin: Thank you for your kindness.

This is my first time using Discourse and I am finding it very intuitive and easy to use so far.


I’ll give you a scoop. :wink: Steve and I are currently working on a forum as well and so far we have chosen Discourse too. If we go ahead with our endeavor, please do not believe we are trying to compete if it were to end up looking alike a little. :sweat_smile: Indeed, our intent is to pretty much exclusively host LoO/Confederation philosophy threads and provide a heavily moderated environment. So it is not intended to replace the old Bring4th or what your forum provides here.

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Oh! Good to know Patrick. I’ll consider it friendly competition then. Haha! It’s OK, we thought we would just provide something to fill the gap for people. I’m not too attached to any outcome. You’ll still come here and say hi every now and then though, will you? :face_holding_back_tears:


Uhhh - that sounds very important. :upside_down_face::rofl:
Can you give more details about your plans?

It’s no more important than the other alternatives that sprung up and just like all the other alternatives that people announced on B4, we will make an announcement as well before August 5th if we go ahead with our plan. But basically the goal is having a very focused environment a little like the Facebook group, but using a real forum format. Facebook is really not great for having real deep dive discussions. I would say that many members of the old B4 would not find our humble offering to be a new home per se. It would be more akin to having a discussion section on the Q’uo channelings and the Law of One itself and space for newcomers to ask basic questions on Confederation philosophy. We are not planning on hosting general discussions like B4 did or like this forum here provides.


Patrick, if you need any help setting up, reach out. “” has always been a project of OSWG not simply to run its own projects and communities but to help other communities with tech infrastructure and other assistance.


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Patrick i read your post at bring4th and i am irritated now. Later on you write:

With a bit of luck, the launch could happen pretty much around the same time as the freeze. The URL is different, but there will be a banner with the new link.

My impression is that everything is going into chaos now.
Existing users will wait for a new solution at bring4th that maybe will not come, but the forum will be still closed?
Other users will register here or at omcasey’s forum or somewhere else and any communication will break apart.

For myself i don’t like to check now 3 or more places, i will choose one of my main interest.
To make such an decision is not satisfying too on the other hand.

So this is simply chaos, initiated with the decision of L/L Research.
Help was offered and ignored in the history and now it’s like an fading away in chaos …

Please do not misunderstand - of course you want to do something positive, but the way of initiating it is dualistic.

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Tadeus, I think this diaspora is perfectly ok. The main reason for this is that the new incarnation of Bring4th is not meant to replace the old one. There is no section for people to just socialize for example. It is really focused on LOO and other LLR channeled material. There is no equivalent to “Spiritual Development & Metaphysical Matters” even.

So I think it is perfectly fine that members find new homes to continue socializing and having the open ended type of spiritual discussions they wish to have. This forum here is welcoming all those type of discussions and more.

In the end, checking more than one place seems inevitable to me. I would think most people were already using many different communities. Like Facebook, Reddit and other forums on top of the old Bring4th.


Patrick - (as usual) i must utter an opposite opinion. :grinning:

The existing forum has a long history of threads and posts with many users.
Either this is continued or it is not. Please start no zombie replacement.
L/L Research has decided to stop an support of an communication platform. This is accepted.
What is it good for to do now something that will not continue on the same place, because it seems not possible to respond on the old threads anymore?

Socializing is a word with two meanings for me:

  • A bad one in the sense of forcing someone into a community will.
  • A good one that is better described with the word gregariousness.

Here is my proposal:

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Our intent (Steve and I) is not to revert LLR’s decision (of making the old Bring4th forum read-only).

We just felt that we could still provide a space for people to ask questions about the Law of One and have discussions centered around Confederation philosophy.

So this is why I did mention that many members of the old B4 would probably not find our new incarnation to be the replacement home they desire. And that is also why I am happy that the owners of this new forum here provides a really good replacement of the old B4 that can be this new home for many.

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I do want to thank you Patrick for coming over here to explain and give us your insights into how your project came into being and how it relates to LLR. When we worked together I found you to be an exceptionally service-orientated individual. I hope our friendship will continue well into the future. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes - this space is already here or at the forum of omcasey.

I checked the forum of bring4th and it seems to be possible to post there, although there is this irritating message on the site:

If you would like to continue your journey with Bring4th, the new forums will be live the morning of Saturday, August 6 (eastern time). Check back here for the link.

The same forum is the “new forums” on bring4th with the same software but the old forum has closed?
But the Bring4th Meta has disappeared?

We have 12007 registered members.
We have 300168 posts.
We have 15903 topics being discussed.

Is this continued or not?

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It is a new link. Here it is. :slight_smile:

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So it is only a forwarding of a subdomain to a complete another server with new content.
Sorry, but in my eyes this is a competition to withdraw the existent users of bring4th now, because the “new forum” seems not to convert the existing content for a continuation.

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Yes it is a new forum. The focus is not the same as the old Bring4th. Like I mentioned our intent was not to reverse LLR’s decision.

The more independent community the better, I say. It was kind of clear that Anchorage’s heart wasn’t in the project for a while. I’m glad they’ve finally admitted it.

What I’m really focused on is building and maintaining connections between seekers, and that doesn’t seem to be the focus of either the new or old B4, or L/L Research for that matter (they have refused to put the Richmond Meditation Circle, a nearly 4 year old Law of One study group, on their website, and they have not explained why).

@Jeremy, in my worldview, healing is always a question of time. May not happen in one lifetime (could even take billions of years). But it will happen.

Fortunately, the Internet, by its very nature (physical and metaphysical), routes around any kind of blockages. So indeed connections between seekers will remain strong no matter what. Your forum here is such an example of how the Internet will sprout whatever is needed to keep people connected. This “feature” is not just built into the protocol, it is also built in the people themselves. :wink:

I am not privy of the reasons why forgiveness and reconciliation seems so hard to attain in this particular case. But I remain forever hopeful. I continue to focus the portion of the love and the light that is mine to channel on this and all other issues of this world.

@tadeus, if you would like to have a more expanded version of the reasons for the new forum, you can read this thread.


Yes obviously you can’t speak for Anchorage. I’m just observing the several ways they are actively standing in the way of community for personal reasons. They don’t have to like me personally but they are paid to do a job and their personal feelings shouldn’t enter into it. It has nothing to do with healing and everything to with whether LLR is a world serving organization of professionals or a petty clique hiding behind a non-profit status.

Healing will happen on its own terms. Throughout this entire ordeal of confronting LLR on the ways it is doing seekers a disservice, it has always been Anchorage who has sought to make this a personal vendetta rather than a treating the community talking about its own needs as valuable. That’s a decision they made on how to approach this — and that doesn’t involve healing but what being a public serving nonprofit actually entails.