Benevolent Negativity

It seems that in our confusion we don’t always understand the polarity of our choices, so we taste test a variety of negativity and positive approaches to our experience.

In some cases it’s much easier to discern negativity, that archetype of evil bad guys in all our movies. Like the serial killer/rapist/abuser probably enjoys the negative path. But other examples can be less obvious.

From memory, Ra mentioned an example of a benevolent dictator type, and a group on Venus that didn’t realize they polarized STS due to them seeking wisdom.

So perhaps it could be quite easy for us to be heading on a negative path and not realize it, even when we believe we’re going in a positive direction.

This made me wonder, could someone be advanced on the STS path and be a very kind and gentle person to others? I’m thinking like a mentor, that guides and helps others in non-abusive ways?

If so, what would they be like? Would they be very self disciplined?

Could they appear as lovely positive people to others?

Or are these characteristics exclusive to the STO path?

Actually, maybe Chancelor Palpatine from Star Wars is a good example? He mentors Anakin, and he comes across as a kind and wise man. Not even the Jedi recognized his negativity :slight_smile:

But yeah he does end up becoming the Emperor in the end and is more obviously negative at that point.


You can definitely have an STS-directed or polarizing person who genuinely helps others, but I think it would be unlikely they’d reach that 95% threshold to graduate to 4D negative

I also think you can of course have people who offer help but only for their own benefit. The help is genuine but it’s conditional on being able to get something

It’s easy to imagine some super high performing surgeon who is great at saving people and does it all the time but is polarizing STS due to a power and control approach to life

I think as the person becomes more harvestable they have to resemble Genghis Khan more and more. But remember – Genghis Khan was not some serial killer. He led thousands of skilled people. He had to inspire them, teach them, guide them. He was known as a good ruler overall. But all that was toward his self-interest, not for the benefit of others (if we believe what Ra has said)

Genghis Khan (contrary to the popular myth) had a lot of positive effects on the world and was a brilliant and inspiring leader. He was not some cariacature of evil. There’s an argument to be made that he was the best conqueror in all of history. No doubt he guided and mentored his generals and his sons and grandsons. But he was harvested to 4D negative (so the story goes)

I think the example you gave of the pursuit of wisdom is also interesting. I feel like I’ve seen some Zen masters on this path, where they are spiritually advanced but cold and not generous. I think they might be polarizing STS and not realize it, since they are seeking wisdom but without the heart

There are also lots of occultists who consider themselves good people but clearly have no real interest in the heart or unconditional love. They take a sort of archaic pre-Christian view of life being dog against dog but then still consider themselves good people, yet maybe don’t realize they might be going down an STS path with their magic practices that activate indigo without the heart

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I cut paste this from the other fragmentation of b4th

I feel this is the crux of the problem in the world today, the adoption of a spiritual escape mind fragmentation mechanism in order to protect itself. Those with power use this misalignment for their own needs.

The distinction is the misalignment of and within the mind body spirit complex, it is recognized by the self in the conflicting thoughts, actions, feelings/emotions. Some examples:
-The mind thinks it is kind, but the actions are angry
-The mind thinks of anger, but the actions are of kindness
-The mind thinks of anger, and acts violently
-The mind is kind and there are acts of Love (This is the only alignment not congruent with war or an act against other self)
When Ra speaks of 51% alignment, Ra speaks of a judgment of an overall light, not just of what one thinks or acts. All must be aligned. If I recall correctly it is in the first few chapters.

The mind body spirit does not always agree, then we add personal boundaries…
When one does an act contrary to ones boundaries, trauma is created, and a fragmentation is created.
Fear, anger, hate, suffering become easy manifestations, which may be in misalignment with the other parts of self. This internal conflict is why people act or think against their alignments.

The solution: Heal the misalignment within, the world will not be peaceful until you are peaceful. To heal self is to heal other.

Much of what I have said will create resistance, and may trigger some of the readers. It is not my intent to disturb ones browsing pleasure, but I ask if you do feel triggered, please look into your heart and ask yourself “Why am I triggered from reading these words”, or from any words or actions… and dig deep (balancing/shadow work). It means there is conflict within ones own alignment of mind/body/spirit whenever there is a triggering. There is work to be done.


I love that.

The solution: Heal the misalignment within, the world will not be peaceful until you are peaceful.

Could an STS person have internal peace? Or does only the STO person have internal peace? Perhaps the STS person focuses on external peace?

I think Q’uo said that STS people can be quite beautiful, and their cities are very clean and tidy, nicely under control!

Hard to see the dark side is

How do you even know that your thoughts are manifested from you? Perhaps, you have empathy, perhaps you are psychic, perhaps you are under psychic attack. It is imperative we learn of self, and what originates from self so we may begin to discern the truth. The open Heart chakra is the key.

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People on the negative path can believe they are doing what’s best, what is good.

They may even be a part of a lovely sounding group like ‘the society of light’.

People can see them as good people. Jesus implies that the negative path is like being a savage wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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There is no way to measure a person s polarity but their frequency can be measured

I’m inclined to say that, were a negative entity to feel this intention — and that’s the important point: the intention to help without personal gain, without taking into account whether the help was actually given honestly or helpfully — it would have to be depolarizing. I would imagine that folks on the path of that which is not do the same “taste testing” you spoke of, Fish. It’s not always immediately clear what the full ramifications of an action are, and the sublime thing about experience is the way action often throws back our hidden intentions upon us. So I grant the negative entity as much license as I would the positive to wander about in search of their own desire, and would not expect every negative encounter to smack of the diabolical.

A quick definitional confession: to me, when we speak of an STS entity, we are talking about somebody at least approaching the threshold for negative polarization. We’re not simply talking about a selfish person, a person who is more negative than positive. I would say that, the more one understand’s one’s desire to explore the path of that which is not, the more one tunes one’s will to that end. That tuning of will, that intensification and unalloyed commitment, that strikes me as not leaving any room for intentions to wander astray such as I described above. Nevertheless, I admit that that is simply my reasoned guess and not something of which I’m certain.

Good topic, thanks for offering!

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It seems to me there is much in the nebulous concept of “the good” in third density that is up for personal judgment and discipline. In our tragic world, the positive adept leaves a great deal of “evil” unaddressed due to the limitations of incarnate agency, and this is a lesson in acceptance and de-centering the self as the arbiter of justice or right in some universal sense. In other words, it is not on one’s shoulders alone to serve the Creator in every case of “evil”, as one is learning to coordinate with a greater self and a greater, more expansive and inclusive sense of the Creator and its will.

In my reasoning, it is when one cannot accept that limited agency and needs to exceed the bounds of others’ free will that one learns to center the self and their personal concept of good over a broader, if sadder and less perfect, concept of good. And once this line is crossed, its logic sees no endpoint to the accrual of power and influence in the service of the self as the center of the goodness one was once moved by.

I tend to think that anything can drive one’s search for truth and rightness into the self in a way that sees others’ behavior as necessary to one’s own path. By this, I mean that it’s not really necessary to understand, let alone accept, the other and their “bad” behavior — exacting compliance is at least the initial path. Even purely positive ideals can provide cause for this absent proper ongoing balancing and discipline of the personality. I see the hinge point in how one relates to an instance of imperfection in manifestation: is it to be loved and accepted and only then addressed, or must it be addressed first before love and acceptance are offered? My theory is that in the latter case, this addressing becomes an opportunity for the exercise of power to the exclusion of other concerns. That tends to occlude the likelihood of later acceptance because how much power must be trained on it to realize one’s desire or will in a solo manner. One deceives oneself into putting the cart before the horse, and thereafter learns to resign oneself to building the “muscle” that renders the horse entirely unnecessary. Eventually, the muscle becomes the entire point, that desperate search to banish all vulnerability and, thereby, any ability to relate lovingly to others. Just my 2 cents.

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Some person named Z posted a great Q/A thread at bring4th somewhere around in 2013-2015. Can’t find it now. That person, at least, knew what the STS path through to the sixth density flip, meant. since they had experienced it both in their soul experience and in their physical incarnation.

A particular story they shared I still remember. They depolarized and decreased their energy levels, to setup an ambush. When a reptilian spirit came looking for easy targets, he flared up and then used his power to overwhelm and consume the spiritual energy of the reptilian spirit. They gained in power, and also gained in their polarity. But they were also able to switch polarities, since this was 3rd density.

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Thx. I got a few different results through that. Z’s thread seems to be lost/obfuscated still…

I find it amusing and ironic that the account responding in that thread, unity101, advocated for mandatory waxxines in 2020/2021. Calling the doctors speaking the truth and warning about the covid shots, conspiracy theorists and discounted them as useless. Much like the rest of the bring4th staff did.

Using the force of the police, military, and 3rd density governments to force someone into a medical experiment and dna changing gene therapy, not for their own good, but for some nebulous “collective good”, is indeed STS. Whether as the slave or as the master. But they don’t see it that way of course. To them, they are righteous and always have and always will be.

Thus they are destroyed. Because the people who want to know what is STS/STO, cannot by definition be given the answer without taking the test. And the test masks the answer by definition. The matter of polarity is conducted through choice and decisions. If you knew ahead of time what the answers were on a test, is that test even valid any more?

This was touched upon in a separate thread, but I felt the topic was important enough to deserve its own thread, as it revolves heavily around key concepts of The Law of One, and indeed, of all Creation.

Some of the ideas here presented are influenced by what Jordan Peterson labels “psychology of evil”, his views on the subject, as well as some personal experiences and observations of mine.

I would like to state that a trigger warning might be in order. The subject matter here covered will be dark in nature, and touch upon the possible mentality behind the perpetrators of crimes such as rape, mass shootings, and so on. If you have been the victim of any such crimes and have any unresolved trauma regarding the experience, this thread might be uncomfortable. However, here I am reminded of one statement by Jordan Peterson about PTSD being caused in great part by having confronted extreme “evil”, without currently having a framework that helps explain the mentality behind such actions. If you’ve suffered through any such things and you decide to read on, perhaps some of the ideas here presented will help you in your healing.

As students of The Law of One, all of us have read the Confederation’s thoughts on the importance of having compassion and love even for the perpetrators of great evil, in part due to the notion that each and every single one of us has the same potential for evil: what has often been referred to as the shadow. It is my intent with this thread to share ideas and shed whatever light we can upon this subject in order to help us find further ways of feeling love and compassion for these individuals, our shadow, and thus, for our Infinite Creator.

The framework that I’m going to work under is that we’re all beings of love. Love is our essence and our north star. Love gives meaning to our lives, and we can’t help but seek love. We incarnated to learn the lessons of love, as we know. And we incarnated in an illusion so thick that we would completely forget that love is our essence; an illusion where tragedy is an inseparable and unavoidable component, deliberately built-in and designed for the purpose of testing how far our belief and commitment to love can go, as Ra implied in their famous and inspiring poker analogy.

So, what happens when tragedy strikes and an entity starts believing that love is unattainable, or that the illusion is actually love itself? To what lenghts can an entity be twisted when it internalizes such beliefs? One thing is for certain: If love from others is seen as futile, another option must be embraced. One would logically have to stop seeking love, and start seeking other things. In my estimation, there’s a single thought that starts the whole train of action: “This thing that is being done to me is unacceptable”. What is perceived as unacceptable must be controlled. Thus, the pathway of power, control, retribution and aggrandizement of the ego at the expense of other-selves, begins.

We’ve come to know this as the Service to Self path. Although described as completely valid a pathway of ascension (“The Law of One blinks neither at the light or the darkness”), it neither will get an entity all the way back to the Creator, nor will one find as much truth through that path. “The path of that which is not”, we’ve read. It’s a path so dependent on illusion, that it didn’t exist at all when there was no veil.

Ra referred to the STS kind of sexual arousal as “virtually unquenchable”. I believe this applies to all forms of power-seeking for the STS entity, and no wonder: There is always someone more to surpass in the hierarchy; someone else to enslave; some new territory to have dominion over. The desire for power and control will never find true satisfaction (especially in an Infinite Creation!). Thus, although described still as a path of love (love exclusively of the self), STS neither begins in love nor it fulfills the immutable yearning of the soul for a more inclusive and expansive kind of love. It’s a substitute. It begins being a substitute in 3rd density when the first steps towards negative polarization are taken, and it continues being so throughout the higher densities, until the impossibility of continuing through that path is realized in mid-6th density. Q’uo said, I believe (I may be paraphrasing) that there’s a kind of sweet innocence to the STS entity that switches polarity at that point and starts discovering the pleasures of true connectedness, Oneness and unconditional love.

All of this cements very solidly, in my opinion, the notion that there’s something lacking for the soul about the STS path. The soul is being denied something; something that it still yearns for, even if subconsciously.

Let’s take the example of the rapist. It seems difficult to believe that any entity would prefer forcing themselves on someone and gaining whatever pleasure they might derive from dominating someone, over making love with a person who they genuinely love, and who loves them back. The rapist becomes so only after internalizing, first, the idea that they will not be loved, and second, that this state of affairs is unacceptable. The desire to rape is embraced, again, as a substitute, not as a true preference.

There are the mass shooters. That they were isolated from their peers and suffered from painfully low self-esteem is well known. The Choice is presented to them. In their perception that they have been rejected*, and in their unwillingness to accept and find the love in the situation, thus refusing the STO path, they move towards the only thing that is acceptable to them: Power over others; as Ra said, “the putting to death being the ultimate power over others”.

*relevant: there are studies that say that rejection literally activates our pain circuitry.

I think it’s extremely important to point out the intense pain these people are under, and here I say again, that although STS is called the path of love of the self, it most certainly does not begin in love. I believe it was in the manifesto of one of the Columbine shooters where it was said how much they hated everybody, but with a caveat: they admitted to hating most of all those individuals who reminded them of their own selves. These people are not in love with themselves. Whatever clumsy attempts they may have made at finding love before, they ended with the belief that even if love does exist, they themselves are unlovable. Elliot Rodger is someone who repeatedly talked about wishing for nothing more than finding the love of a woman, in the videos that he made before his shootings. He would talk about looking back at his childhood, yearning for the simplicity, innocence and naivete of that period. After internalizing the notions that women had rejected him and that they were the enemy, he would talk at length from that hatred and resentment that kept festering and festering. He would speak words that would rob women of all humanity, hating men who had found love, too, because they were living symbols of the failure that he perceived himself to be. “I will be the alpha male”, I believe were some of his words towards the end. Again, STS is shown as the alternative, the substitute; not the actual preference.

A hatred for life itself seems very common under these situations. As Jordan Peterson points out, the fact that most of these people end up killing their own selves is meant in part as a statement. It’s a desire to show to the world that life, existence itself, is worthless. What better way of driving that point home could there be than the taking of one’s own life?

Obviously, due to this, the mass shooters walk into the STS path only so far. We can only guess whether they enjoyed the feelings of power and domination that they were seeking in their crimes, and to what extent. For the STS entity that has a longer incarnation, the process continues. As they begin to experiment with the feelings of power and domination, the pain and feelings of self-worthlessness that drove them towards a substitute for love probably subside. I would imagine that they start feeling re-invigorated, their self-esteem being progressively restored, until a new realization becomes self-evident in their minds: power, control and domination is what life is about. The entity declares that that’s what he or she will live for. Thus, a newfound love is discovered. The love of the illusory self.

There’s a popular belief that true STS entities operate only from positions of extremely high power and status. This is not so, as stated here by Q’uo:

Quote:R: In looking at the nature of negative polarity and karma, there is the assumption that when one polarizes in the negative sense, for example, as a slave master, then the karma would draw to him the opposite experience of being the slave. When you are in the position of one who suffers and is on the receiving end, will you still polarize in a negative way?” Could you comment on this question?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. It is entirely possible and quite probable that an entity, as you say, on the receiving end of power; that is, being powerless, can polarize very greatly towards the negative.

If you think about the nature of the negative polarity, the negative polarity has to do with seeing all others as objects to be used and to feeling of oneself that one is the king of creation. When such an entity, with this basic turn of mind, is in a position of powerlessness, he is free to spend the entire incarnation honing the edge of his rage. He can use every slight, every insult, in order to make himself more finely sharp as an axe-blade in his distain and distaste for all but himself.

And talking of negative polarity metaphysically speaking, you are not looking so much at the outer estate as you are looking at the possibilities of employing the path-that-is-not. Employing the path-that-is-not means denying that you and the other are one. Whether a negatively polarized entity is on top or on the bottom in terms of the estate he enjoys in society, he is equally capable of honing the edge of his anger and his separation from all others.

The topic of determinism, how much free will we really have, and whether some entities are more prone to others than walking the STS path is interesting. These are some relevant extracts:

Quote:19.17. Questioner: Can you tell me what bias creates their momentum toward the chosen path of service to self?

Ra: I am Ra. We can speak only in metaphor. Some love the light. Some love the darkness. It is a matter of the unique and infinitely various Creator choosing and playing among its experiences as a child upon a picnic. Some enjoy the picnic and find the sun beautiful, the food delicious, the games refreshing, and glow with the joy of creation. Some find the night delicious, their picnic being pain, difficulty, sufferings of others, and the examination of the perversities of nature. These enjoy a different picnic.

All these experiences are available. It is free will of each entity which chooses the form of play, the form of pleasure.

Q’uo, from the following session:…0_0513.pdf

Quote:And so it created its children, children of love and free will, one unit of absolute love that can never change and will never be unique, and [an] absolutely equal portion of infinitely various free will. That is your nature. Your uniqueness lies not in that you are children of love, but in that no two unions of love and free will are the same.
that you bond your free will in a general way, either to learning and expressing love by loving all that there is, yourself, love itself and all children of love, or choosing to deny that any but you is unique, that you are the center of the universe, that you are to be loved.
This is seen by those who are neutral or working positively, as negative, because the negative entity will of course arrange, control and create its universe [in the way] which is most comfortable and advantageous to it. It does, however, have its own logic, and should never be treated with disrespect, but with the understanding that there are those whose uniqueness creates for them a free will which seems to be more paramount than the love that binds one to another. There is no less worship, there is no less sanctity in the negative than in the positive. It is simply a different distortion of the one love.

What I get from this is that there’s some inherent bias in each entity, but free will having the potential to overcome said bias (which is to say, itself??) and being capable of making The Choice one way or the other.

Another point of interest is that STS depends upon the lie of fear. Fear is a lie in that there’s no reason to be afraid of anything, from a higher perspective, given that we’re eternal, immortal, and unconditionally loved. The first steps towards STS are usually walked because of one kind of fear or another (fear of being unlovable; fear that if life is not controlled, tragedy will surely strike; etc). We’ve all heard of how 4th and 5th density negative entities resort to instilling fear on 3rd density entities. Fear is how they get recruits for their empire.

Another point is the seeming masculinity of the STS path, applied in its most extreme and dark form. This begs the question, what is the role of the female in the STS path? Why would a soul ever incarnate whether in higher negative densities or as an aspiring STS harvestable 3rd density entity, as a female? For this, these quotes seem relevant:

Quote:one entity experiencing the pleasure of humiliation and slavery or bondage, the other experiencing the pleasure of mastery and control over another entity. In this way a sexual energy transfer of a negative polarity is experienced.

Quote:The negative path posits slavery of the less powerful as a means of learning the desire to serve the self to the extent that the will is brought to bear. It is in this way that polarity is increased in the negative sense. Thus fourth-density entities are willing slaves of such a fifth-density entity, there being no doubt whatsoever of the relative power of each.

Given that being a willing slave increases one’s negative polarity, it would seem to me that STS females would reward and willingly submit only to the most powerful males they could gain access to, thus instilling into others the idea that they are only as worth as they are powerful and strong. I believe a perfect 3rd density example of this can be found on the women who would send the serial killer Ted Bundy love letters while he was in prison. No doubt these women also came from situations of tragedy and lack of self-worth. In this sense, I believe these women wouldn’t so much seek direct power over others, but instead indirectly seek power through submission to an STS man.

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Yes - just have a look at all this non profit organisations like the WHO or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, they are all calling themself to be philanthropic.
Everything has been put into nice words and goals like in the Agenda 2030, without saying what will happen and be lost attendant to reach this goals.

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100% Truth. The naivety of those who believe their “government “ actually cares about the well being of its citizens is truly difficult to comprehend. Especially when there is an overwhelming amount of evidence spanning hundreds/thousands of years to the contrary.


He talks about how the peer reviewed medical studies doctored the evidence by classifying naturally immune people as waxinated. Thus they doctored the results 180 degrees.

FLorida’s surgeon general said their own internal analysis produced a 80% increase in risk for 18-39 year old men, for heart issues.

Twitter censored it, then walked it back, ala Paypal.

STS? STO? Nobody knows. That is why they are here. 2 steps forward, 5 steps sideways, 3 steps back, 1 step forward, 3 steps sideways, 2 steps backward. On and on and on and on, 3rd density stuff.

It is easy to choose polarity right? All you have to do in life is to look at the labels in your life decisions, such as marriage. STO or STS?

Simple, you’ll be eligible for harvest before 33 years of age! So simple. Haha. Oh that’s funny.

Much of it, I heard in 2020 and 2021, was due to their attempts at spiritual bypassing.

All is One, all is well, we will be harvested to 4th density or 5th density or whatever density they fantasize about going to because they lonely and sad in life.

So let’s all take the shots, because the COLLECTIVE benefits. Deaths are “acceptable collateral damage”. Oh yea, that doctor and conspiracy theorist talking about saving their life? He is selfish and not spiritual. We are Superior. We are the… Borg. haha

They are so wise and righteous, they know all sorts of spiritual stuff. They don’t even need to learn 3rd density solar chakra (government) lessons. They are Beyond All That. Beyond selfishness.

Beyond life even apparently

I was told not to spoil things for the collective in 2020 February 28th. That’s when I figured most of this stuff out. That’s 2020, not 2021 btw. And I didn’t talk about it. I just waited for people to begin listening to life doctors vs death doctors. It was their collective karma and lesson. Not something I could spoil even if I tried. It would just make me invisible and incomprehensible.

Many life doctors have already been killed for exposing the lies and deceptions of evil. I am incarnated here like most of you, I presume, here. But I do not have a martyr complex. I have no desire to die for humanity or the governments. I can use my free will to “spread the message” in 2020, but it would have done no good. It would just be volunteering to be a martyr. Somebody others would blame. That was not my karma or burden to bear.

Do people even know that 3rd density, the 3rd solar chakra, represents organizations and governments? Guess not.

P.S. I didn’t like the state libeling/slandering people online and I don’t like it when I see individuals do it on forums either.