Being in quiet awareness, or the present moment, throughout the day

Do you think that it could be valuable to be in the present moment throughout the day?

Does resting/abiding in that kind of silent observational awareness, help to connect with your higher self?

I had a period a few years ago where I did daily meditation sits for 1 hour, which was fantastic and helpful for getting me started, but then I didn’t want to isolate meditation to just that period but to have my mind be more like that all the time.

Since then I stopped doing sits, I basically just attempt to sink into awareness as often as possible, releasing any contractions in the mind/body, essentially just relaxing and being aware, the mind quiets. This feels like being in the “present moment” to me.

At first for a while I would have an android app that would periodically make a sound, at random times so it would be unexepcted, which would interrupt my current conditioning and remind me to sink into that quiet peaceful beingness. It kind of feels like a release.

But now it’s beginning to become a habit, I don’t need to use any tools or techniques, I can see it becoming almost effortless and automatic to be present.

Although I don’t do it as much while working/coding, just during breaks.

It feels like a good direction for me, because it’s like peace is increasing, and fear and other negative emotions are decreasing.

Therefore, if life is becoming more meditative, it seems like there is less value to having sitting periods of meditation? I wonder if I’m missing out, but at the same time, being able to bring it to the moment to moment of life is nice.

It feels almost pointless when I do sit now, because I could be doing an activity while also attempting to sink into the meditative mind. Sure it’s nice to sit and be still. But why not get things done and be still at the same time? :smiley:

Do you have any feedback?


When I do meditative movement, my experience seems more expansive than usual. I’d describe it as more layers, or more rich experiences.

It’s very cool, calming and immersive … and yet, I don’t do it as often as I’d like. I get too caught up in the daily routine and forget to sink into the present moment. However, it comes quite naturally when I’m outside … experiencing all of these layers that I don’t ordinarily experience.

Do you blend the various types of meditation, or prefer one over the other?


Thanks for sharing

That sounds great!

I get too caught up in the daily routine and forget to sink into the present moment. However, it comes quite naturally when I’m outside

Yeah I noticed it’s easier in nature too, definitely seems helpful to spend time outside.

Do you blend the various types of meditation, or prefer one over the other?

That kind of thing is good to discover, I reckon that everyone will have their own individual preferences.

At the beginning, a few years ago, after a period of having done daily breath and body scanning meditations, I then began to explore more awareness based meditations. For me, The Headless Way technique (mainly taught now by Richard Lang) I found to be quite effective for me. It’s very simple (notice you cannot see your head) and it would quickly help me to zoom out to a larger awareness. So I used that technique throughout the day, and also regular gratitude practice.

But once I became more familiar with what feels like a foundational peace of awareness beneath all the data of experience, I don’t know if I really need to do any specific of type of meditation, all I mainly do now is relax/release.



The two stages you describe, sitting and eyes open awareness, feel like stages 1 and 2 in a natural progression of self awareness. So, good for you for moving along in your spiritual discoveries.

If ever a stage 3 is sought, you might consider turning your outer practice inward, not being aware of the outward facing mind (thoughts, plans, memories, responses to outward stuff), but the inward facing mind. What might that be? What parts of the mind do not face outward? Well, if that interests you, you have mind right there for you to explore. But if you ask the mind about this, you will likely get an outward facing, action oriented reply. So, maybe you could ask in the form of silence?


Yes - this is very valuable.
The Ego/brain should only be active/used when needed.

But this is not easy when you are forced to be in action within the fiction.


Getting rid of (or at least not paying attention to) televisions and cell phones is a great start. I don’t watch TV and don’t even own a cell phone.


I allow my mind to wander throughout the day. I sometimes flee to a world or actually an island I created in my mind. There is a sort of Swiss Family Robinson type of home that I keep having to rebuild. What happens is that others will shipwreck there and cause a battle that leads to the destruction of my home. So after everyone perishes, I rebuild. There is a cave somewhere up I high that I escape to during war where I have extra provisions to last me throughout any battle. I have a cave drawing on the wall showing the history of everything that has happened since I came to the island. Every battle and friend is painted as if a family tree that fits with a timeline. I have a large wheat field in front of my home that I like to tend to once in awhile. I am always keeping a large supply of flour since I know one day there will be another shipwreck along with more mouths to feed. I built myself a small cabin near the beach where I go fishing so that I don’t have to hike back to the main home when I am done for the day. There is also another cave where I mine ore for metals. I have a treaty with Tigers that are on the other side of the island. I have to cross a ravine with hyenas lurking at the bottom. I give the Tigers fish so that I can have access to their land. I still don’t know what I am looking for. I always end up back in my main home after giving the Tigers fish. I guess I just haven’t figured out what I would like to find beyond my home.

Everything above is metaphor for what is happening in my life. This is how I dream and communicate with higher self. Once in awhile a random animal will appear that doesn’t make sense to have on this island like a wolf or a bear. Sometime a person or a group of people will mysteriously be present as if they have always been there to interact with me. These inconsistencies are what I keep on the lookout for. They teach some interesting lessons.

Whenever I meditate my mind essentially does the same thing. It is escapes or creates scenarios that have to do with what is happening in my life. I have never been able to just have a peaceful trance of thinking about nothing.


I try to always be in a state of pure awareness, as I spend a lot of hours in a meditative or contemplative state of mind. There is so much value to rest in this space.

I would like to share this channelling about Pure Awareness.


@Fish This quote brought to mind your OP.

January 6, 1991
You will evolve as quickly and as painlessly as you allow yourself. The secret is the attention. Pay attention, each moment. Extend the meditative self until it encompasses each moment, and then in each moment that which is yours will come to you, and will make itself known clearly. We speak of that which is beyond the normal evolutionary pattern, but we speak in a way which we hope draws you onward in hunger and thirst for that which cannot perish, that which you are.