Being a Lighthouse for Others

I’m curious. What have you @Jonathan done to become a lighthouse?

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Geez, that’s just the sort of annoying question I would ask someone else! What’s gone wrong with the world that I’m having to take my own medicine?

Ahem, more seriously now… The short answer to that is that I have worked hard for decades to refine my sense of Divinity, to find it in myself, in the inner planes and all around. In some ways I think it has been about sensing it, embracing it and allowing myself to transform in the service of becoming increasingly transparent to it.

Perhaps I could say it began by intuitively sensing Divinity through music such as Brahms, Bach and the like, and disciplining myself (with much help) to enter more and more deeply into that world.

At a later point, circumstances forced me to deal with personal disturbances I felt but could not grasp. This lead to many years of working with clairvoyants who could open up to much deeper levels of insight than I could initially fathom. Looking back on it, humourously enough, I find that I had an unusual dedication to spiritual principles and little interest in transient material (Go figure.)

As a consequence of all that, plus hynotherapy training which was very useful in helping re-jigger the relationship between my conscious and subconscious minds, I have now some fair concept of “the disciplines of the mind” and somewhat of the body and somewhat of the spirit. So, what does all that mean? It means that energy moves through my system far differently than it did years ago. Comparatively speaking, it’s similar to driving around a vehicle that can take you to places you’ve never been before, all of which, eventually, turn out to be intrinsic to my own being.

The lighthouse part, I feel, operates orthogonally to what I’ve described, just as the fact that honeybee is an amazingly valuable pollinator is an indirect effect of her simply gathering her foodstuffs. That is, I believe the light is shed around me as I go about my business kicking over apple carts, posting on the internet and whatever else.

Good question. How about yourself?


I was a controlling manipulative person. It took many years to surrender and give up the things I thought brought value into my life. I look around and see myself still stuck in the same environment but with a new set of eyes. I have stopped thinking that it is just about myself. I am on a quest for deeper understanding as to how all of this (student learning) works.

My view of channeling is a bit of a joke seeing how I am a clairvoyant. I have conversations all the time with other or higher self through images. I think higher self talks too much. It’s cool we love to joke with each other.

Earlier today when I was seeing Jeremy’s comment about experimenting with different logos I saw in my mind a tree standing on a cracked open egg. This could mean a variety of things since it is our free will to interpret such things any way we would like. I see the tree as ‘established’ and the egg hatching or giving birth to this ‘established idea.’ I was going to give this information to Jeremy but I resisted because I figured the message was more for me than it was for him. If it was for him then he would have randomly thought of such a thing on his own. However, my higher self sometimes says (through a psychic knowing) that others will draw information that will lead them to other ideas.

When I realized that all random thoughts as well as dreams are communication from elsewhere, I began investigating how much more can one understand from something that appears to be not present. Some people may need channeling to seek guidance. I don’t. I get it all the time. I am currently wondering about one thing that seems to happen randomly. I will begin to fall asleep or feel tired. I mysteriously begin to talk with self and when this happens I wake up suddenly. From one point of view it can be seen as maybe I should be getting more sleep. From another point of view I wonder if it is forced meditation just to communicate a message. The ‘forced’ to fall asleep momentarily is an interesting concept. Why would a positive entity ‘force’ anything? The messages have always been positive.

Anyways, my version of being the lighthouse to others is by accepting them no matter how they appear to be. I was lost and confused once. I have learned it is not easy to change a mind. Therefore, I must learn to surrender as I wait for an opportunity to voice an opinion. I cannot allow myself to manipulate another for I see the damage it creates. Patience is key, understanding is key and discipline to keep calm thoughts in any situation is also key.


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As a point of interest, the Confederation crowd draws a clear distinction between conversing with one’s higher self and tuning into disincarnate beings for information. This topic, as you might imagine, has been brought up over the years by channeling students. They say it is everyone’s birthright to commune with their own higher self. I think of it like staying home and chatting with family members. But they recommend a strict protocol when attempting to contact entities who represent themselves as being Confederation members. There the tuning is crucial and there are “security protocols” to prevent misunderstandings. This I would compare to leaving home, going downtown and asking strangers serious spiritual questions. You want to ensure that your sources are legit.


When I had nightmares I thought those were from negative beings and then I read a channeling by Oxal from the 1960s. They sent a nightmare to Kennedy and Kruschev to have them rethink their nuclear weapons program. This had me explore the difference between my usual dreams and what appears to be a negative one. It turns out they are both teaching tools. The next time I had a nightmare, I woke up and allowed myself to calm down then wrote it all down. The interpretation was a continuance from any other dream I had with the exception of remembering them more often.

To my knowledge I don’t think I have ever had a negative contact. The way I see it is that if an entity would like to help you with something then that would be ‘service to other’. A ‘service to self’ would try to prevent or interfere with a thought. The closest understanding of this would be a headache. However, I have thought of heart images during headaches and concentrated a flowing of calming light towards the pain. This has helped to alleviate symptoms. I sometimes do still get headaches but they are easily dismissed the second I calm my body and begin sending a loving thought.

The one time I decided to ask for help outside of normal contact was when I had frequent high pitched sounds continuously in my right ear. I figured whomever was listening was trying to prevent something that could cause harm. I never got a single image that day as a warning. It was just all different high pitched sounds. I never went through with the outside contact.

As for legitimacy of a contact, I have never explored this concept. I just allow everything to come through then I sort out what could be and what I disagree with. I think free will is on both sides of the contact. It is my free will to accept information and interpret it anyway I would like. It is the sender’s free will to give or keep hidden.

The only problem with keeping things hidden on my end is that it is impossible. The other side sees and feels everything. The sender can keep things from me but I can’t seem to keep anything hidden from them.


I’m happy for you, @Cubed_Cross, that you have this internal relationship to support you in your travels. It occurs to me now–as I’m wondering what to say next–you might use this means to find out what it is like to connect with your heart. Perhaps it could paddle to your island in an outrigger canoe and share what it wishes to share with you? Just an idea.

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It is my free will to interpret whatever is shared with me. It is also my free will to say whatever has been shared is still beyond my own understanding. The mystery is slowly being unraveled. I can only see parts of the creation. I don’t think I will ever understand the bigger picture in this incarnation.

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There where difficult dreams in the last few days.
It is difficult to define them, because they are not nightmares, but still usually involve being trapped in difficult situations that cannot be influenced.
Often such dreams occur in connection with hearing the mindcontrol sendings in the head (mostly 2-5 AM), so they have been considered in this context so far.
The situations in the dreams usually have no current relation to life in the present and can actually be seen as having been worked through.
Therefore the question is whether these are to be interpreted still differently?

I can interpret your dreams for you @tadeus if you would like. Send me a private message or reply in public. Either way only you will understand the interpretation because it is happening to you and not anyone else.

Here is an example of one of my dreams from last night:
I saw two white western horse drawn carriages on top of a hill in daylight. The hill was covered in short trimmed grass. The carriage had an arched wooden frame with fabric stretched over it. I saw this scene from a far away distance. There may have been dark brown horses present but they were too small to see. I saw the front end of the carriage as having a dark arched open doorway. There was a family preparing to go on a trip together. Another male arrived and was invited to join the family. There was a large woman that wore a white shirt and a black thin belt around her waist. I sensed this woman was having an affair.

The number two means conflict. The color white means genuine or pure. A horse-drawn carriage represents feelings of a situation being very lovely because someone is doing something for you. Standing on top of a hill represents success or overcoming a challenge. Daylight represents feeling of a situation in your life where there is no sense of overwhelming problems or danger. Short or trimmed grass reflects feelings about how good something you are noticing is. An arch represents choices or a direction in life that demands respect. Alternatively, it may reflect a person or situation that demands your respect or co-operation. Things being off in the distance represents long term goals or your perception of things to come in the future. Small sizes may reflect feelings of being trivial, impotent, or the belief that a situation is easy to control. A brown horse (dark brown) symbolizes defiant ambition and driving forces. Darkness represents situations where you feel there is nothing positive happening. An open door represents new opportunities or options ready or waiting for you. A family gathering may reflect the various or conflicting aspects of your character as you deal with a situation or problem. An invitation represents feelings about gestures made by others towards you for involvement or inclusion. Fat represents overindulgence, laziness, or a lack of discipline in some manner. A white shirt represents the personality being genuine, honest, or proper. The color black means imbalance. A belt represents support or help. How a person or situation is being secured, insured, or held up. A waist represents feelings about you or someone else keeping a situation the same. Your stomach or abdomen represents your level of sensitivity. A partner cheating on you romantically represents bad choices that have consequences or dire repercussions. Turning your back on principles, integrity, or sacrifices you are making.

I use and

The search bar doesn’t work in dream moods. I use to define the larger numbers. I use when I recognize the people in the dream. I also use for shades of colors I can’t figure out on my own. So far the dream interpretations are very accurate as to what is happening within my life. I have been interpreting my dreams every single day since mid-2017.

From experience of interpreting my own dreams as well as a few others, it may surprise you what your dreams are really about. Again, only you will understand what is being revealed to you.

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Indeed that is so. You have abilities that others do not. Thus it is your responsibility how to use them. With power, comes responsibility after all.

That is an excellent energy pattern and level of progress. I applaud your work.

Yes, however these “disincarnate” entities will often pretend to be your higher self and tell you stuff that isn’t so. Pretending to be YHVH for example.