An Adventure with Crystals

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Crystal-gazing is a practice that has been passed down through magical traditions used for divination and other purposes. I am not a very visual person myself, I am more of a somatic type, so I am not suited to this particular tool, but it looks like the tool found you (in the form of your engagement ring). However, I think I’ve had parallel experiences, which I will speak briefly about below.

I have had past life regressions through hypnosis. I did it more out of curiosity than a strong desire to know about my past lives. The Ra Material stipulates that a lot goes on in-between incarnations, that a lot is healed, much is burnt up and only what is essential is left, and a lot of planning for the next life goes on. So, I am doubtful that much information can be gained from traversing my past-lives. At the same time, the process of hypnosis when handled by a trained and compassionate hypnotherapist can be a process of healing and a tool to empower channels in the brain that allow for the attainment of personal insight. So, I also went into my sessions with the awareness that whatever my subconscious chose to reveal to me would probably be useful in one way or another. Kind of like dreams are.

I went into trance relatively easily, and the whole process felt like I was lying back relaxing while watching a movie. My subconscious produced thoughts, images, sensations and emotions for me to observe. It felt like the process was happening to me, even though I was aware that this was a production from my own mind. The impressions that I got were remarkably internally consistent and realistic, in many ways it was more coherent than having dreams.

As a side note, I have since studied Hypnotherapy myself at a diploma level, and I think one day I would like to do past life regression or another type of spiritually focused hypnotherapy. More work needs to be done here.

I remember one life I had that was very impactful was myself as a woman from (I’m guessing) the Victorian era. I lived in a very modest home. I remember the therapist trying to direct me to talk about my relationship with my then husband, but I remember seeing that he was not around very much, so I didn’t care all that much to explore that aspect of my life. Although, I remember that I had a son who I loved very much. This was before I had any children in real life (I also went on to have daughters). Then I remember she asked me to go to the next significant event in my life and I saw my son lying in his bed and I knew he was dying. This is where I knew I was in a time before modern medicine, for it was not a hospital setting. The grief struck me so profoundly, I got choked up and started crying. The hypnotherapist asked me what was happening and all I could say was “he’s dying, my son, he’s dying”. Realising that I had gone into a highly emotional place she moved me off to another event. That moment stuck with me so much due to the depth and authenticity that I had felt that experience, it really surprised me because I was not expecting it, it just hit me. As the rest of the life played out by exploring its significant events, including my own death, I don’t think I ever fully recovered from that grief, so who knows if that experience was still affecting me in this current incarnation. I’m not even a total believer that we have multiple lifetimes, but I am open to the possibility.

As another side note, I remember seeing a show on tv about past life regression and seeing other people also have these grief-stricken experiences of seeing their young children pass on due to illness, and it makes me think of how much collective grief we still carry from our history when child mortality was much higher.

So, I had many other experiences while under hypnosis, my second time was a two hour session after all, but no need to get into them all. I’m still not sure how past life analysis plays a part in our own current lives, but I do believe that whatever the subconscious shows us acts as a good pointer or mirror for our internal state and what energetic dynamics are at play underneath the surface of who is presented to the outside world.

I believe that this crystal gazing can be seen as a similar process to past-life hypnotic regression in that it illicites a subconscious response, where impressions are fed into the conscious mind in order to inform and inspire other perspectives or ways of looking at one’s self.

I do have a question though @anon58905096, why does the ring crystal look to be a different colour in every photo? Do you have multiple rings or is it a mood ring? (I also love Lord Huron, BTW).


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What an interesting story, thanks for sharing all that!

I wondered what Atlantean technology was like, using crystals makes sense. Also reminds me of the saying “advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Just made me realize the connection with all those Final Fantasy games/movies I’ve loved, crystals are usually one of the central parts of the stories.

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As Rudolf Steiner has propounded, the Atlantean did have a direct connection to the energy of nature and life. Therefore it was probably possible that selected (priests) were directly able to perform genetic manipulations through their will (magic).

However I would consider the use of technology as it is common today rather as a crutch or prosthesis in comparison. It is at least the realization and application of simple laws of physics.
Even if miniaturization is very advanced in some cases and the overall complexity of a microchip is high, it is still using a simple physical process in the sense of switching operations of millions of transistors.

It is fascinating that the crystals are able to focus/catalyse the feelings and awareness.

In the beginning of this topic/thread i could follow what you see, but later on it is becoming increasingly difficult. So i would say this crystals are an individual helpful tool/catalyst for you.

Crystals seems to have an important function in the time of Atlantis that seems today to be lost.
It would be very interesting to rediscover an enlighten this again.


I appreciate you sharing your perspective of your reality, and the evolution of changes you face, and the awareness of your own perspective, this is indeed an adventure, although I may not reply, I do watch with interest… There is a beautiful “thing” going on here. “Thing” for lack of a word…

A Buddhist Monk meditating on a rock was pestered by a man seeking repeated wisdom for his own evolution over and over trying to find the bliss the Monk seemed to have, all the Monk ever said to him was “Look further…”

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This is what I am most interested in… and where it takes you. Blessings Sister.

                look further...

here is a short version of the story You can not stop yourself from practicing meditation once you know this | Inspirational story | - YouTube

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You playing by a pond or in a puddle when you were little?

I grew up in the prairies (farms and fields) and I never wore dresses (I was more the climbing trees type lol) but it definitely looks like that doesn’t it, someone by a pond. These images are not from this lifetime, I assure you, as my lifetime has been rather dull, and more emotionally charged rather than adventurous.