About the World Events category

There are 7.7 billion people living and 195 countries on this beautiful planetary globe. Surely, there must be something happening? Yet you can’t spell civilization without civil, so this is a place for civil discussion.

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This category is more and more dangerous, because censorship and related repression are increasingly inhibiting the free exchange of information.

For example here in Europe it is more and more dangerous to communicate something about russia and the ukraine war.

The other exploding narrative is around the ongoing pandemic themes.

Where should be the limitations?

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This category was made because political and sociological issues are all around us and provide us with rich catalyst for our growth. So this site caters to that with this category. There are many narratives and biases from the vast number of news outlets that exist today which report on what is going on in the world. So we must be respectful of the choices people make in assessing the validity of various sources.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a discussion forum, so we are here to engage with each other and have conversations. We are not here to change minds or broadcast our opinions, commentary or news as though this place is a news site. I hope that clears up the purpose and function of this category. Thanks for asking.


What’s about catalyst for an unintential enslavement?

Is not the nature of catalyst to change the mind?

Broadcasting opinions without having checked the facts, is just repeating unchecked opinions that cannot be stated as real information or facts.
But we are in a time of intense informational warfare now and it is really difficult to distinguish between news and mindcontrol, information and disinformation, awakening and deprogramming.
How to engage and have conversations without touching any news, informations and individual limitations?

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I will give the opportunity to stop this posting here, if it will infringe your rules and intentions. :wink:
If needed please delete this topic, before it will really start …

Hey tadeus,

I will explain in a little more detail what I meant. Not just for you, but for anyone who may come across this post.

There was posting behaviour on the old Bring4th where members would post short commentary and/or links to news articles/website pages which promulgated the world view that they held with little consideration for community engagement or discussion. The intention was mostly to “get the word out” of whatever issue they deemed important for that day. They were already convinced of their viewpoints and weren’t open to differences of opinion.

This is not in the spirit of this site which is focused on discussion and community interaction.

So here are some questions to ask yourself when posting here:

  1. Does this world event personally affect you and if so how? Try to relate to what you are posting here on a personal level.
  2. Is what your posting getting much interest or initiating thoughtful discussion? If not consider a different topic or approach.
  3. Some members find official news sources credible, are you willing to hear their viewpoint and not immediately shut it down as wrong?

We’re not here to intentionally change minds. Please don’t go into discussions with that desire. If a mind was changed due to thoughtful discussion that you contributed to then it should be considered incidental and coming from that person’s own freewill.

I’m happy to keep discussing this if you have more questions. :slight_smile:


Hmm - let me try to answer your questions:

  1. Yes - it effects my body in a way so that it reduces the quality of life
  2. A thoughtful discussion is possible for people who are affected in the same way
  3. What’s about own results of research versus “official news sources” / mainstream media?

Really - why we are here?
When i think at Ra they incredible have changed my mind.

Why are you channeling and publish the results?

What is the difference?

This are more questions now and I hope they will not turn something towards the negative, because this is really not my intention. The intention is to get clear why we are here and do what we do.

Yes they have changed my mind as well, but many others have read the Ra Material and think it’s hogwash. Does Ra command that we proselytize until we have converted everyone into the Ra philosophy? Not at all. Ra makes the disclaimer that the information will “make sense” to only a few, so don’t try so hard. Not only is it pointless, but it aggravates those to whom the material does not resonate.

Nearly every conscious channelling session begins with the disclaimer that those listening/reading use their own discernment, to keep what resonates and disregard the rest. This allows Q’uo to speak more freely. So we hope to maintain that attitude here.

I only used “official sources” for an example. People assess the validity of various sources differently. What I intended to mean is to respect that others may come from a different paradigm.

Personally I think “conspiracy theory” is a misnomer as it assumes mainstream media never reports on conspiracies, which they do on occasion. But of course, they have a point of view, like all others.

No problem. Nothing negative about asking questions. It’s a topic worth considering.

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I was just kidding you with your own arguments.

No one is forced to read any post.
As the Q’uo often says:

As always, we would ask the favor that you look upon our words as those which are offered in the hope of being a service that which do not come from an authority figure, so that you may feel free to discard any to do not serve you well.

Therefore, we beg of you that you use your own personal discrimination in assessing the value of our words and thoughts.

Are you trolling me tadeus :rofl:

No - just playing around with the logical content of statements - it’s the same with Jeremy.

The goal is to show that there are actually only different angles of view primarily.
This is again logical, since we are all One and polarities are only different expressions of the same affair.

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