About the Well Being category

As Third Density beings we have bodies, and this forum is dedicated to keeping them healthy. Discuss aspects of physical or psychological health, exercise routine or diet.

This is an really relevant category at this time.

Do you want to discuss practical things and experiences here like altvernative methods of healing, or more the spiritual aspects of well being and healing?

I ask, because there are many aspects that correspondents official to “conspiracy theories” and are far away from the material of Q’uo, Ra and channeling.

The categories were intended to be broad in order to capture the various topics that might interest members. Some approach health and well being with the allopathic model, others prefer alternative ways.

The way you wish to approach the area of Well Being will be unique to you. Although we do ask that when sharing in this category, members come from a respectful and personal place when relating one to the other.

Louise, this answers not the question about topics relating to “conspiracy theories”. :wink:
You have not declined it, so i think it will be O.K. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well being can be defined as the absence of illness and factors that disturb health.
There are a couple of themes where knowledge could be shared and discussed here.

Let me attempt to answer the issue of conspiracy theories. It’s not mentioning them that’s destabilizing to the community. It’s undue emphasis on them. If somebody thinks there will be famines in the future and that’s why they want to focus on gardening, I have no problem with that. If it’s super important to that person that everybody else here agrees with their conspiracy theory, that is something I do have a problem with.

I don’t mean to imply that this line is easy to walk, that it won’t cause issues in the future simply because I once wrote something on this forum that I thought expresses our intent well. All I can say is that we will engage in good faith to keep the energy of this forum high. And time after time focusing on things we do not have control over has detuned conversations like the ones we hope to host here. Also, writing a 12 volume novel of forum rules like B4 had clearly doesn’t work anyway.

If anybody has an issue with this approach, start a thread in the site feedback category and we’ll address it. I’m very happy that folks have lots of different communities to join now and there’s no reason this forum needs to accommodate every single possible need a seeker could have.


I think gardening will not be in the focus of Orion, but other themes regarding their work.
That’s the reason the term “conspiracy theories” has been invented, to discredit everyone who offers informations that will destroy a certain illusion/fiction.

When we look at this list then specially Extraterrestrials and UFO’s and Outer space is matching to channelings and the main focus of this group and forum.

So I have to ask the wicked question if anyone should be convinced to believe in such a conspiracy theory with this forum? :rofl:

I think we all need to respect each other’s fictions. We all have them. This forum would do well to emphasize the views we share in common and not fight over those we don’t. It’s not about banning conspiracy theory for me nearly as much as banning the typical attitude with which conspiracy gets addressed here. I see pushing a theory obnoxiously as just as problematic as pushing against a theory obnoxiously. Both lower the energy and blur the focus we seek to create here.

One big issue with conspiracy theories is that they typically are too big for us to affect individually. Therefore whatever discussion were having is by definition impractical and irrelevant to our shared goal of seeking. That argument applies to mainstream politics too, I would think.

I agree, but I think that what we experience at this time is the establishment of a possible negative 4th density.
It does not help when we forbid to speak about this, but it helps to show the mechanisms how this is done, because it is still an unintential enslavement.