3D language vs telepathic communication

Lately, I start responding here and am stymied as I write. I want to communicate more than I can with flat, one-dimensional words. I want to be able to share, for instance, the images I see – not by describing them to you with words, but by sharing the actual images.

Many of us experience the limitation of words, miscommunications. Nowadays, I’m more aware that I simply have no way to communicate the many richly-textured layers of experiences (a mixture of visual, emotions, thoughts, sounds, tastes, and all manner of sensations) other than the crude representation offered by our human words.

I end up with these meandering responses and then scrap them because:

  • all of these layers of sensations are inter-connected, and to attempt to express them yields a meandering, likely hard to follow response
  • if I strip layers away and simplify, it feels insufficient to the point of poor communication.

I feel chained by words … words are a poor substitute for a more advanced type of communication: telepathy?

I have no experience with telepathy, and perhaps this is a cosmic nudge to go exploring.

I just want to plug in to one another, and communicate telepathically so we can share more layers of information with one another. And I find this limitation frustrating more and more these days.

any similar experiences? experiences with telepathy or advanced/alternative forms of communication that support more layers of information?


I have always felt exactly the same way about communication and language on this planetary sphere. I feel like words are clumsy and frequently fall short on explaining feelings/intuitions properly. I feel exhausted by how much energy is required to find the right word needed to get across what you are trying to say and still being misunderstood.

I have experienced telepathy with my partner on a semi regular basis, but only in small ways, usually by knowing what that person is going to say before they say it, predicting exactly when they are going to message you, etc. Once, while I was on a heroic dose of psilocybin, and he was my sober babysitter, we were able to communicate telepathically. It felt like the energy impression they were giving out was being picked up by you and interpreted in a instant. You knew exactly what they were going to say before they said it, with all the emotions, feelings and impressions tied to that communication, and had a response ready in an instant, that was loving, compassionate, and understanding. It was very strange to see how easily my partner was able to do it while completely sober, but that is because of our spiritual connection to each other, as that is how we remember communicating with each other.

If we had telepathic thought, there would be far less misunderstandings while communicating, and I think that is one of the bigger problems the entities on this planet have. They cannot communicate, and spend most of their time arguing points rather than coming together in unity. There would be an openness that I think is badly needed between entities. There is so much secrecy in the sharing in one’s emotions and experiences, it’s not considered “polite” in our society to be that open. We are then forced to repress those feelings and experiences instead of sharing them and learning from them.

I have always been incredibly open with everyone I’ve ever known. Some found it refreshing, honest, and helpful, while others found it off putting, strange and overwhelming. But those who are wiling to learn from another’s emotions are giving themeslves an opportunity to share in that soul’s experiences, like one would with telepathic thought and communication in a social memory complex.

Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues - September 24, 1994
When you move into fourth density, all beings will be fully telepathic. Are you ready for that? A question I often ask is this: If everyone in this room were fully telepathic, not just during the session but all day, would that be okay with you? Or have you had thoughts about which there might be some sense of shame? Have others had thoughts about which you might feel some judgment or some threat?

You are not incarnate to get rid of the emotional body but to learn equanimity with the emotional body. When there is a sense of spaciousness that sees how emotions arise when certain conditions are present for their arising and how those emotions pass away, you no longer need to dwell on those emotions. You no longer fear them, so there is no need to deny them nor to be reactive to them. When you have learned that degree of non-judgment, you may move deeper into the learnings of compassion because the open and non-judgmental heart can truly hear your own and another’s pain.

Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues - October 29, 1992
For those who might be drawn to read this work at a later time, I feel that the greatest value lies not in our conceptual answers to your questions, but in this shared energy itself. You are approaching a time when Earth will become fourth density, when many who are presently third-density energy will graduate from this plane. You are approaching a time when each of you will be fully telepathic to others, when there will be no holding back and no clinging to another, but just sharing that which is. At that point there still will be an emotional body. You will still feel emotions but there will be equanimity about that which arises, and thus, no need to fling it at another; total compassion toward what you feel from another, no fear or closing, no sense of being attacked by another’s pain but compassion to that pain.

Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues - September 25, 1994
Fourth-density Earth may appear not much different in some outward aspects. There will be seas and mountains and forests. Yet, there will be a new understanding of the deepest interconnection of all that is, both upon the Earth and outward from the Earth. You will be co-creators with the soil in the creation of your crops. If you choose to eat solid food rather than to dwell simply on the light and energy, that which you eat will be thanked graciously; and as Q’uo thanked you for the opportunity you give him to serve, your food will thank you for its opportunity to serve by nourishing your body. You will understand your codependence on others in a positive sense. You will not be ashamed of that which arises in you. Since there will be no shame over the arisings of the emotional body nor any need to fling those emotions on others, you will deeply share your joys and sorrows much as fourth-density energy does now. Fourth-density energy now is fully telepathic within its group. The learning of compassion is so profound because you fully experience the unshielded emotions of another: its pains, its sorrows, its joys. You no longer are limited to learning from your own experience but become able to learn from everyone’s experience; and because you no longer guard your own experience out of shame, you offer it to others for a source for their learning. This is what Earth is in process of becoming.

Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues - March 22, 1993
You are all spiritually sophisticated. Think of what you know of fourth-density experience, what you have been told of it. This is group energy experience where all beings are fully telepathic with one another. Everything is shared. The learning is so rapid because you have no need to hide your experiences from another nor to defend yourself from another’s experience. There is total openness to whatever is expressed, with no judgment about it.

Where you each are presently, when there is heavy emotion you feel some shame about that. So there is some unwillingness to share that with another. When you hear of another’s heavy emotion, there is some discomfort with it rather than equanimity. But it is total equanimity with emotion that denotes readiness for fourth-density experience.


Thanks for sharing your experiences and questions. Here are my thoughts and opinions on the matter.

I, too, have experienced the desire for more effective communication than human language. Words can be powerful for exploring and generating new ideas although they often lack the precision to directly share experiences and ideas without significant distortion.

One tool that helps me with language is seeking bilocational consciousness for one-on-one conversations and multilocational consciousness for group communication. In this manner, when one communicates with others, one can perceive the language not just from the perspective of the self but also from the perspective of all those receiving the message across time/space simultaneously. One is no longer just the sender or the receiver but both, and when one sees from both perspectives, it is easier to choose more effective words that create the ideas one desires to communicate in all those observing the words.

As one practices this, one begins to perceive the ideas in the self and others directly as opposed to being distracted by the words. It is the ideas and impressions the words produce that matters rather than the words themselves. From there, one can learn to move ideas between the self and others without words which is telepathy. But it is very difficult to send ideas telepathically if one isn’t simultaneously aware of the consciousness of the one receiving the ideas which requires at least bilocational consciousness. It’s also possible that the receptive minds aren’t aware of ideas coming from other minds except by means of human language which can then be a means of performing telepathic communication.

I also find metaphors, poetry, music, paintings, and fiction to be powerful tools of communicating ideas for which words fall short. When observing such artistic expressions, it can be helpful to practice observing it from the perspective of all observers who observed it and will observe it across time and space as opposed to a single observer.

For example, when Ra uses words, they perceive all of the impressions produced from the words simultaneously.

We discovered that for each word we could utter, there were thirty impressions we gave by our very being, which confused those entities we had come to serve. After a short period we removed ourselves from these entities and spent much time attempting to understand how best to serve those to whom we had offered ourselves in love/light.

For learning more about multilocational consciousness, I recommend Magenta Pixie’s books and videos:


I give you open permission and trust to try with me any way you think you can. Openly or in private. I have had enough experience of proof in my life to know that all because we cannot perceive something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real. The only thing that makes it real is ones creativity with manifestation, and focus determines reality. Trust in ones feelings and emotions to receive. Knowing what is thought versus reality. The practical difference.
Some examples…
Many years ago, I was not allowed to play Pictionary with a particular person.
I knew what chess colors were behind some ones back.
The three inverted cup game.
I always knew what question was going to be on a fortnightly exam, provided the lecturer wrote the paper.
As an infant, my mother could make me laugh from another room.
In the army I could sense people hiding in the jungle.
Pre-empt phonecalls… there are many, many, many ways. I have many examples.
{edit: I can find lost calves and cats in terrible weather, I walk straight to them.}

I hope to hear from you on this. Blessings Brother.


Now I don’t know what is real or not, for some odd reason reading this I got a picture of a White Ankh… I think its because Cory posted it.

Purpose needs to be present, doing something for the sake of doing it, or trying to prove something is destined for failure.

@the-stumbled-one how would one go about practicing this with you? last night, I focused on sharing and reaching you, but I don’t know what I’m doing. just following instinct.

Perhaps we ask everyone for some input, a path may reveal itself.
You said “just following instinct”, it is an instinct. Purpose, is paramount.
I don’t know you from this perspective, perhaps if we share a common goal. Makes me think of Law of One, we are all one…
When I used to sense people, I would get an image of what they saw, or a feeling of what they felt, like a shift in perspective, I would marry up the image with the world around me, it doesn’t describe everything, as I found one sleeping… there are no rules, the rules at the moment are what you create, undefined, open.
But I am almost certain it is not something you do from your perspective, you allow other within, or allow from other. This is hard to do given the mind. The mind momentarily quiets, like when you look into the eyes of a loved pet or friend, a split second of connection and presence.
These days I find it hard to distinguish what thoughts feelings and emotions are my own. I am ok with that too.
The mind is very strong at distorting ones perceptions.

I give you permission and trust, to allow you to try from my perspective. I have no fears, nothing to lose, only the opportunity to experience other from this perspective. A connection of presence beyond the physical requires you to act from another perspective. As Yoda said, you must unlearn what you have learned… You do, or do not, there is no try.

Rupert Sheldrake has done done awesome studies.

I will see if I can allow some lucid dreaming… see what comes out of it.
One thing I have already learned/perceived of this is now instead of having to deal with one mind distorting perspective, I sense now there are two. Like a gatekeeper going out the door and another at the destination door.

Motivation, purpose, emotion, feeling, presence, an open heart.

My motivation in this is to find truth in my perspective, to know that what I feel and sense is real, of me and other, and to be certain. Though no matter how many times it is not enough proof. But this is of the mind.
Another motivation is if we can all learn to connect, and allow ourself to connect to other by learning of self, we may be stepping beyond our current/old density. It may help Gaia, and the Sun, for they too are going through the same thing I/You/We are.

How does one know what thoughts are ones own, what feelings originated from self, and why did one act in a certain way.
I ask because I have found over the last few months a bouncing around within certain confines, separation if allowed, of thoughts, feelings, and actions.
I believe I can see it in others too. Are we capable of receiving, but not aware of it, think it is our own, and find conflict in alignment with our actions and boundaries…?

My partner and I seem to communicate thoughts all the time. Every single person reading this is telepathic whether they know it or not. Most of our minds are cluttered with thoughts of what we should/should not be doing, is this right/wrong choice, which basically muddy the water(mind). When we quiet the mind through meditation, the water(mind) becomes clear and receptive, thus enabling thought form communication.

“I just want to plug in to one another, and communicate telepathically so we can share more layers of information with one another. And I find this limitation frustrating more and more these days.”

This is completely understandable because you are awake while most of the other selves are not, and the planet is already vibrating in 4D Positive. From what i understand in 4D Positive we will know each others thoughts and hearts like an open book. This is why it is so important to do the inner work here in 3D quarantine so we will be ready to walk the steps of light. Otherwise 4D positive Love/Light will be way to intense.

Thank you for posting this!
Guidance and Protection Sister